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    Does anyone know what Petasodes dominicana are like as pets? I can't seem to find any info on them but jeez are they beautiful and big!!
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    I only use lights for heat sources. I do however use actual red heat bulbs. They will swarm under the lamp. I have used normal incandescent bulbs when the reds blew and the adults will get used to the brightness.
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    I use led light strips that I can dim, as well as change the color. During the day I provide them with white light, but not very bright. In the evening and night I switch to red light. The latter is interesting, as roaches hardly perceive red light, and a such act like it's dark, while I can still see and observe them. Downside with led lights: they don't provide any useful heat, so I have to use heating pad (preferably at the back if the enclosure).
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    me too! also, thats how I got convinced to get boys instead of girls....LOL I wasnt ready to be a granddaddy just yet
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    URGENT!!!! My building is going to be treated for bed bugs (luckily I dont have any) I need to move my four adult male hissers for a very short period of time. I was warned ahead of time because everyone here is a big fan of my hissers. I have three days to get them out. I also have to tend to my other pets and make arrangements. I was wondering if I can just put them in blueberry containers for the short time that I'm moving them until I set their housing up again in our temporary spot. I washed them out really well with very hot water but I was wondering if there would be any pesticides on the plastic boxes? I dont know if the fruit itself had pesticides on it anyway. Theyll be in there for two hours at the absolute latest. Thank you for the help.