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    Well hopefully that's the case, maybe come Spring they'll start growing and breeding faster for you! I'd just be sure to keep the isopod population in your Panchlora cage relatively small, as not only are they not needed in a Panchlora enclosure, but over time they may cause some harm to them.
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    Thanks for all of your responses. I went through my bins to get a better look. Seems like it's not as bad as I thought. Still finding the roaches, they may just be slow to grow/reproduce and I'm expecting more than i should. They're in pretty large bins relative to their sizes as well. There is tons of isopods(porcellio dilatatus), but with all the space/substrate hopefully they don't bother the roaches too much. When it warms up I might redo a bunch of my bins and clear out some isopods. Would be really cool to have a thriving colony of giant banana roaches.
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    Hmm, those Panchlora should be pretty fast growing and breeding, they typically only breed slowly when stressed out IME... Panchlora is a very fragile genus, and I'd never recommend any cleaner crews for them besides springtails. Gyna lurida take a while to build up in numbers in my experience, despite having huge litters, and E.javanica can both be picky about breeding conditions, and be slow breeding even in a good setup, so I don't think the isopods are the main contributors to their slow colony growth, (depends on just how many are in there though, what species of isopod, etc...).
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    Good idea, and technically you could just move all the roaches to an isopod free enclosure, if you wanted them gone completely. You might just have some slow breeding roaches though, many live bearers are!
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    Yeah, springtails are definitely the safest, everything else can be pretty iffy. Isopods will stress out and outcompete some roach species, so definitely keep an eye on any roach colonies with isopods in them too!