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    Wow, they are very pretty! yeah, that makes sense. I can relate to getting a little lazy once everything's going well
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    Yes, the species Orin talks about in his book is vittata. True H.histrio look very different from H.vittata, here's an image of a true H.histrio adult: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/21047336 Basically the most sought after roaches are new additions to the hobby, ones that are very difficult to breed long term, and ones that take forever to grow and have limited litter sizes. Also the prettier or more unique the roach, the more sought after it is. Thing is, people are more likely to forget about taking care of species that seem to be doing well for them, and Ectobiids tend to do well for people when they are being treated like royalty... Once a colony is established, that's when people get more lax and slip up, and while most roaches can take a few slip ups, most Ectobiids can not...
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    ahh, so what Orin references in his books is Vittata? aka, Clown Roaches? Interesting. I was curious if things had changed much since the book's release. Are there more info on Histrio so that I can understand the differences? If there's a resource explaining which roaches are the most sought after/rare, that'd be a really interesting topic! I have learned about so many new and rare roaches these past few days, it really interests me. Also, yeah the points about forgetfulness killing a lot of cultures makes sense. I know I'm forgetful for the couple of small species I have. I'd hope that people who knowly have a rare species would take extra care with them, but I suppose we all have our days? lol