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    I guess my phrasing did push out a bit more anthropomorphism that I meant it to! 😂 At any rate, your collection is amazing. Also, sorry if I'm asking a lot of beginner questions (here or elsewhere), you just seem so knowledgeable and I'd rather ask than wonder.
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    Yeeeeaaahh I've never had any roach species that was actually friendly, what you are describing are hungry roaches that are very used to human interactions, and have learned said humans are what feeds them. 😂 I've had some species like Deropeltis sp. "Jinka" eat food while being handled, and several have tried taking nibbles out of me, especially when my hands smell like food, those are just calm, bold species and/or individuals that are accustomed to handling... Bantua sp. "Namibia" probably isn't going to be one of those species, while they aren't extremely skittish, their first instincts are definitely to bolt when touched or disturbed. 😅 I did have one female give me a nibble while I was holding her for a bit though.
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    Haha, I meant exactly what I said! Some of the roaches I've helped care for at the Aquarium / the ones I keep myself seem to have little personalities... They come up for food and greet your hands when you lower them into the enclosure. Some will even groom your or eat from your hand instead of just grabbing the food and running. That being said... I don't have much experience with roaches as a whole and I wasn't sure if there were other species that acted like this, or if ours were just oddballs that are too used to people's interactions! 😂 Whatever the case, your new species is lovely and maybe they'll learn to calm down for you / any other visitors that might come take a peek.