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    I found an emperor scorpion in appalling conditions and rescued it. It has a heater on one side of its glass enclosure, substrate, multiple hiding places, and a bowl of non-tap water at all times. I don't know if it is male or female, or if it is mature. I've had it for about a week and a half. I fed it a Simandoa nymph and it ate the whole thing. [I have a very prolific female, so I kind of had to do that unfortunately.] A few days later, I gave him or her an adult Dubia female and s/he ate the whole thing. It took hours, but nothing was left. That was one week ago. I am worried because it does not seem to want to eat now. I have offered it a Simandoa nymph again, a Halloween Hisser, and even an adult female Dubia again, but he has not eaten anything. Even when the roach walks right into his claws and in direct proximity to his mouth parts, he turns around and seems uninterested or flustered. I thought maybe the adult female Dubia was too big, even though he ate all of her a week ago, but s/he doesn't seem to want anything smaller either, such as the Halloween or Simandoa nymph. I'm so worried because I wanted to take this scorpion in to give it a better life. I'm worried I am neglecting it in some way. Am I doing something wrong? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-ssHPbT6m3IvLPpmjb2DR_XXSlz6n44-/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-pzDElXpWjHSuulXYTVi9hgYE6teN1Dr/view?usp=sharing
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    Hey guys, my name is Justin. I have thought about owning hissers for some time now since getting away from reptiles but just recently made the jump. I am really enjoying keeping them so far but I do have a question for the community... I have 3 adult G. oblongonota and will be getting 2 E. Javanica in the next day or so. These guys will be pets only, not feeders. I have no problem with understanding and providing a good diet as far as fresh fruits and vegetables are concerned. On the other hand, there is a lot of confusing (not necessarily wrong) information out there for a beginner like myself as far as protein sources and percentages are concerned. First I was investigating high quality dog foods and fish flakes but that seems frowned upon by some for containing too high of a percentage of protein. Now I am looking at the roach chow from Josh's Frogs, which sits at about 15% protein. The cost of this food is not an issue if it would be a healthier option. Is the high protein/additives a problem for pet roaches health in general, or only for those that will be used as feeders? I'm kind of confused here and any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm just trying to give these guys the best diet and longest life possible. Thank you in advance. -Justin
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    Going on a post spree today lol... anyway, was wondering if some ody could recommend a staple protein source for roach colonies that isn't dog/cat/fish/etc food. Some of my roaches get fed off to chameleons and I'd prefer they only eat vegan sources if possible. Maybe some sort of seeds or nuts that would be affordable+nutritious?
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    Thank you! Now both species are arrived and they seemed very healty when I handled them to put the in the enclosures, I have like 50 mixed gynas and 100+ Panchloras, I ordered the 120 pack but I think that considering the tiny neanids they are actually more than 200. Anyway they quickly disappear in their enclosure and I almost never see them except for crazy gyna males at night, is that normal? Panchlora neanids are invisible while adults are on one side of the container doing nothig. Both almost do not eat. I think this should be normal at the beginning but I don't know.... I also think since now the weather it's not so much hot 20-23 the roaches could not be at their full potential, but I hope the heat cable will create optimal thriving conditions when I will turn it on.
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    It seems that most of the people who say to stay away from animal sources for protein are people who use roaches as feeders. If you read threads in here from people who keep roaches as pets then you will notice that most of them use dog food. Personally, I use a blend of seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. I always have these things on hand because of my diet, so I grind them up in a coffee grinder and feed it to the roaches. I don't know if anybody has done an actual study on how much protein is too much protein. If I remember correctly someone once posted an interview with a scientist that breeds roaches and he said that about 4% protein is all they need. But, hobbyists have been using dog food for years and it doesn't seem to have a negative effect on the roaches. Or at least nobody has noticed a negative effect to report to other hobbyists.
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    I moved a box in my closet and found another one. I also transferred them into a new enclosure. I found 5 total while transferring them, but I wasn't checking, just moving the substrate over in big heaping handfuls, so I imagine the rest of 'em are in there somewhere. There's a couple that are a good inch long at this point, and I didn't note any smell while transferring them, which I'm glad for. I also noticed that they seem more likely to run down into the substrate now when disturbed, instead of up and around like they did before, so I'm guessing it's because they're used to their environment and think it's safe. I gave them a cow vertebra to explore, found in the same place as them. I'm tempted to give them the skull they were found in, but I'd never get 'em out of there again! Too many cavities.
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    The skulls are legal, yes. They're feral hogs, which aren't protected at all. Our suitcases got inspected twice on the way back! First by US agriculture, checking for plant materials (the vast majority are illegal to move between Hawaii and the mainland), and once by the airline checking for bombs, and neither of them did anything about the skulls. We didn't hide them or anything, just put them in paper bags and stuck 'em in. Meat might be harder to import, but the only concern with skulls is if it's something endangered. It would definitely have been illegal to bring these guys in, just like that. I might have been able to get a permit with some calling around, though, since these aren't a crop or human danger. But it's not illegal to accidentally bring something over, nor is it illegal to own, say, an accidentally imported spider. I definitely should have checked better to see what was in the skulls (Hawaii has centipedes! yikes), but I was overheated at the time and not really thinking anything other than "sweet, skulls". The real worry with things from Hawaii is accidentally bringing a true farm pest over that doesn't live in the continental US yet, which you find in plants, farms, and related areas, and this was an area without any farming. Well- farm pests and rat lungworm, but the lungworm is on snails, not hogs. They seem to be doing fairly well so far. A smoky brown roach got in there somehow, and I'm leaving it in there as kind of a canary/comparison. It's not bothering them or anything, I find them in the same hiding spots when I check. Also, I don't know if it's the Madeiras or the smoky brown, but something has been dragging the food bits under a leaf to eat. I see them out at night sometimes. I don't think I have to worry about them escaping- they don't seem to like the petroleum jelly. They'll go up to it and inspect it, but most of the time don't even touch it with a foot. Maybe they don't like the smell very much. One is out now, I can see by my reading light, and it's just kind of wandering across the glass.