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    Macropanesthia look amazing. They're definitely on my list when I have more cash! Quite the investment Roaches are incredibly fascinating to me. Their intelligence intrigues me, and I could watch my colonies for hours. It's so relaxing! Beetles just don't offer the same depth in that way. I agree with you, even now it's easier to find amazing roaches that most other insects.
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    Ok perfect! But does gyna lurida eat less than other gynas species or rather it's a common feature of all gynas compared to other roaches? Anyway this are some pictures I've taken
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    I got a new subadult G. portentosa and shortly after feeding his abdomen would start getting bigger over a few hours until he regurgitated everything he had eaten! It happened another 3 times today. I gave all of my roaches sliced oranges and bananas but they're doing fine so i don't know if it's that... This is my only male portentosa so i really don't want to lose him