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    Happy New Year for all you who follow the Gregorian Calendar! May your collection continue to grow into what you want it to be: Keep on Roaching! Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Hello all, so recently I was nosing about under some pots (like I usually do), and I found this: : Apologies for the poor quality, it was completely dark when I took the photos and the camera didn't have enough time to focus once the flash went off. Anyway, just your regular Blatta lateralis. Pretty, but not very exciting. But that got me thinking. What species would you most like to find under a pot/log/stone? Say you are on a trip to somewhere, you flip over a log and bam! What species would you like to see? For me it'd be Blaberus/Eublaberus sp., or possibly some cool Panchlora sp. Thanks, Arthroverts
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    Happy New Year! I can feel the new species dropping already. 😋
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    I do not know much about it, but I would want to see Polyzosteria mitchelli.
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    Thought it was funny 😃
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    Yes nutrition could be the answer. Tropical fish flakes are a good thing to feed them. A pet shop boy recommended them for crickets and my Discoid roaches and Germans did well with them also.