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    I just wanted to post a little bit more about me and my roaches. As I mentioned on another thread, I happen to be blind.. this of course means that I experience my roaches in a tactile rather than visual manner. I have hissers, and I find them extremely easy to handle and also fun to listen to when they hiss.. As for care, I feel I must reassure people that my being blind does not impair my competency in providing care to my roaches, or myself for that matter! If you wonder why I add this, you might be surprised by the number of people who are under the mistaken impression that blind people can't take care of themselves, let alone roaches. Ok, mini rant over. For my part I am a grad student living in a small apartment, and I find my hissers to be the perfect pet for this environment. They are very easy keepers in my experience and do not seem to be bothered by my touching them as some other creatures migh be. This post is also menat to explain why I might ask someone to describe in words a posted picture. I was able to see for several years and do understand colors and shades of color. I also wanted to post this in case any of you had questions about caring for roaches while blind, questions about my blindness in general or anything else related to what I have written here.