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    Of course almost every new isopod is the "biggest" but this is the longest species according to species literature (documented at 3.2 cm body length). The male has long uropods and tends to be longer than the female.
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    I had the opportunity to listen to a talk from the New Entomologist at the University of Ky. This will give you an idea of just how tough German cockroaches are. They went into several low income apartments and collected roaches. They separated out the males. Back in the apartments Kitchen floor they placed two dishes, one with wild collected males and another with males of a lab strain. Between the dishes they set off insecticide โ€œfoggersโ€ or โ€œbug bombsโ€. As expected the lab strain all died. Very few of the wild collected died. This blows my mind. They also found that the kitchen counter tops and floors after a month had the same level of insecticide as Pre fogging. So these roaches appear to be living in an atmosphere completely contaminated with insecticide long after spraying. The study was actually to see how effective total release foggers actually were....useless as all us exterminators already knew
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    (anyone who had difficulty handling at first, medical conditions or not, please feel free to reply with what worked for you!) i am not really one for holding my pet roaches, i prefer just to watch them going about in their own little world, but i really miss the occasional novelty picture. i handled my first few hissers a few times but the pain in my hands made it difficult for awhile and i kind of just gave up. it makes me wish i wouldve tried more to fight through the pain lol. my dubias didnt hurt as much but it still was a really uncomfortable sensation. i also got kind of nervous that i would dropped them by accident because my fingers get stiff, plus i cant really bend down quickly, move furniture, etc to find them before the family cats do. if i saw one of the cats eating my roach i think id have a heart attack. does anyone with chronic pain or joint stiffness as symptoms have any tips to get used to handling them? or maybe and tips to further prevent accidentally losing them? i want to buy an archimandrita tesselata or two since they are so beautiful and really big, but i reaaaalllyyyy want to hold it/them! when i held my dubias, it was always one at a time and in a plugged up bathtub so they wouldnt escape immediately. i know a.tessellata can if anyone who used to be scared of them has any tricks that made it easier to tolerate (i know when people i know have tried to hold them the sensation is weird and it freaks them out at first), maybe i could alter your skills to fit my situation? im really happy to be back active in the community, it always makes me feel like i can get good information in a short period of time rather than trying to search through google a bunch for nothing. im probably going to be asking a lot of noob questions about archimandrita tesselata and their care if i get some. lmao i cringe at some of the stupid stuff and misunderstandings of what was happening back then, but like some people im here to be a better roach parent! i think relearning how to handle them despite my pain would be very rewarding for me, i wish it was as simple as "just pick them up" :^(
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    Archie_Blatta said: It's nice being one of the few roaches with a defensive chemical that's actually very effective against hoomans and other backboners, seems like we won't be used as "feeders" anytime soon... Suck it @Ladylat and @SirUblaberus ๐Ÿ˜œ #getrekt #livin'thesweetlife #archiblatta4life
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    wowza ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ thanks @Hisserdude, helpful as always
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    Someone on FaceBook is making really nice looking roach posters.
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    Yeah the "wild" Blattella out there right now are getting increasingly resistant to current insecticides on the market, which is worrisome since you know those companies will just keep creating more and more toxic solutions to combat that...
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    So, I just got these cuties today. I read a lot online about the care for these, but found a lot of different opinions. So I just wanted to know a little bit more about the proper care. Do I have to most them? If so how often? What's the best food for them? When do I know which sex they are? How is the rate for breeding? How long does it take for them to mature? And I'm thankful for any other tips
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    I think the problem with Panesthia is that people simply forget about them, due to the lack of frequent care they need, and sometimes they let it get too far and forget to water them when the substrate starts drying out, maybe the room gets too warm for their liking, substrate runs out and is converted entirely into frass, etc... I know people who've had good long term success with Panesthia colonies overseas, you basically need to set them up in a large, poorly ventilated box with 20 centimeters of rotten wood and leaf mulch substrate, don't let them get too hot or dry, and basically leave them alone. As for why your colony died out, I'm not sure, could be any number of reasons, maybe they did just get too hot last summer...
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    I know sometimes when colonies are doing good for a long time you can forget to give them the same level of care and they fade away.
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    Almost all the species in the hobby, including most of the older stocks like dubias, originated from a small handful of individuals, and thus have all been inbred for years and years, mostly without any adverse effects whatsoever. As long as your colony is healthy and heavily deformed individuals are culled, there should be no reason to add new bloodlines, ever.
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    American Cockroach Society Wear I'm surprised this still works, it hasn't been updated in nine years.
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    @Betta132 any updates? i see you havent been on in awhile but heres a shot in the dark! this was such an amazing read! if they take off/have taken off with the bow-chicka-wow-wow and are rare in the hobby im sure you could definitely make more than a few pretty pennies!