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    Unfortunately after talking with Orin directly in PMs, it seems as though his Princisia aren't pure, (probably hybridized before he even got them). The coloration of his individuals varies and the occasional large, really dark individuals pop up, not at all characteristic of pure bred Princisia. Only vendor I know of selling pure stock in the US is Cape Cod roaches, theirs came from Roachcrossing's pure stock and has extremely consistent coloration that matches what the original pure Princisia "Big/Standard" stock looks like. We should phase out hybrid Princisia in the US in favor of pure stock, even though pure stock is far more finicky than hybrid stock, (another good way to tell if stock is pure). This is what pure Princisia adults should look like, with little to no variation among adults: All adults should have consistent, thin yellowish abdominal borders, and no thick abdominal striping. The thoracic segments have large red spots on them. This is a male from a colony started with individuals from Orin's stock, note the very atypical dark coloration, no abdominal bordering and very small red spots on the thoracic pads. The horn structure is also rather weak for Princisia.