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    There's no shortage of Floridians that hate Periplaneta americana, and I am certain they would be very against an even LARGER roach invading despite hissers being so charming. And you know how easy the babies escape. But the University folks are smart enough seem to think its just a matter of time before red runners, dubias, and hissers join all the other invaders. I'd be surprised if they already weren't on the loose somewhere there. Is this just another case of bureaucracy fighting a losing battle? My area here in Colorado has all kinds of rules, some make little sense, and there's so many its easy to break them. I'm probably breaking a dozen of them on a daily basis. Do they check? Rarely, only when someone complained once, or when I left a visible violation in plain view for quite a while. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-2008-11-15-0811170176-story.html
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    Petco has their $1 per gallon aquarium sale going on now through February 2. I have no affiliation with Petco; I just look forward to this sale as it's a great time to stock up on 10 gallon tanks for my colonies.
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    Yeah. I've never been bit by a roach before. It was surprisingly painful. They are really challenging to hold onto. It's worth it once though just to hear them squeak. It's the only time mine make noise. The overcrowding wasn't too bad. I just had a few too many males in a small enclosure as there was some minor wing biting. Also, they don't (yet) group up the same way other roaches do. It's as if each one needs it own space. But my colony is still small, so that might change. From what I've read, this species takes quite awhile to "get going" and develop a full colony. I think the gestation is longer. I would guess 4-5 months. As mentioned, I've had my adults for about a year and have only had 2 generations, yet the females are gravid constantly.