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    Yeah larger nymph and adult P.saussurei are amazingly calm when handled, one of my favorite species for sure! 😁
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    Welcome! I'd suggest G. oblongonota, G. "princisia big" and Macropanesthia. I think I have flexivitta still listed on my last list. I originally got into roaches because you could find them for sale a long time ago (it could take you a decade to find ten different species) but nobody bred beetles and you certainly couldn't find them at a pet shop.
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    Nice selection, fair warning though, adult male G.caffrorum are just about the most hyper roaches you'll come across in the hobby, and are fantastic fliers too...
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    Exactly! The flashy stuff is good for luring people into the hobby, but once they've been hooked, it's easier to feel the fascination for nearly all species.
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    Thanks @Hisserdude and @All About Arthropods ! Parcoblatta were actually some of the first i kept, I never knew they would be so great to have!
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    Welcome to roaches. Always nice to see other Utahns in the hobby. Henschoutedenia flexivitta aren't exactly the best handling species, but they are certainly interesting. As others have said, Archimandrita tesselata and Polyphaga saussurei are excellent candidates for that. Also Ergaula species (capucina, pilosa).
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    Okay, I'll check around. I have some G. Caffrorum and P. Sassurei coming this week! Thanks for the suggestions guys. Bummer about Kyle. It would be awesome if he came around again.
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    It's definitely an underrated genus, that's for sure! 😁
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    Awesome, thanks everyone! I was recently looking into a few other species, and I wanted to know where I could find them. I'm particularly interested in Henschoutedenia flexivitta. I saw that Roach Crossing sells them, but I've also heard that Kyle isn't really active anymore. Is this true?
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    Welcome! As @Hisserdude stated, there's no such thing as too many questions; if you ever have any, ask away! Interesting to see Parcoblatta on your list so soon; they're all rather small and not "the most stunning of the stunning". I admit, I didn't really want to keep anything from the genus when I just broke in, but my eyes have been cleared and I can see the beauty and worthwhileness of keeping them now. Glad you've realized this already!
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    Welcome! Almost all adult roaches are equipped with wings (including the ones you mentioned), but not all can really use them. I recommend Peppered roaches as @The Mantis Menagerie suggested; they're large, considerably docile, and adult males can only flutter downwards slightly, no true flying ability. Polyphaga spp. are also really great; P.saussurei is the most docile roach I've ever encountered and also get's quite large!