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    Yeah that sounds about good, mine seem to love apples and fish flakes. Just Coco fiber works as well, but I usually add mulch/moss/leaves to most of my enclosures anyway, even if it's just for looks.
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    Thanks for the info! Just updating my wishlist, but I didn't want to get my hopes up only to find out that I can't have them. 😉 Of course P. magnifica weren't available when I started and they finally got here, so you never know...
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    OMG. I LOVE this idea. Sign me up for A. insignis. So much drama. Arthur Aeluropoda: Finally got the top spot in the tank! I had to eat a few fingers, but totally worth it. #blessed Seriously, even if you get no other takers, let's do this. I'm dying laughing.
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    I can only hope! Maintenance time has already gotten very noticeably less itchy, sneezy, and 200% more enjoyable, so things are definitely looking up. The only other potential problem ones I think I have are Blaberus, but I'm still reluctant to give most of those up (especially the B.colosseus "Peru" I just got a few months ago lol). Oh, I'm certain of it.
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    How's it going everyone? 🙂 Long time no post! School has finally swept past me once again for this year and so my focus can now shift back to the roaches (as if it wasn't already somewhat lol). I plan to get the photoshoots going soon so I can get some more pictures slapped up here and build up this thread. However, one development in my collection that there's no need waiting to supply pictures for is that I'm now officially hisserless! 😮 The allergies were just getting too bad for me and I wasn't doing particularly great with the species I had, so I just decided to sell them all off to a trusted breeder ( @Bmaines96). Even though this is technically supposed to be a thread representing my current collection, I say why not share some pictures here of some absolutely gorgeous roaches I may never own again. 🙂 Here it goes: Elliptorhina laevigata Adult male(s) Freshly-molted adult male Adult females Large nymph(s) Gromphadorhina grandidieri Adult male Adult female Larger nymph Small nymphs Individuals attempting to hide Gromphadorhina grandidieri/Elliptorhina laevigata Adult male comparison (G.grandidieri left, E.laevigata right) Adult male comparison (E.laevigata left, G.grandidieri right) Besides these two hisser species, I also had Gromphadorhina oblongonota, but unfortunately didn't manage to get pictures of them before shipping them away. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed what I did have to show and be sure to stay tuned for more pictures from my drastically-enlarged collection!
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    I haven't purchased through Cape Cod yet, but the male giants do look very similar to female "normals." It's possible you've only had males emerge... Be sure to shuffle through your substrate. Often mine hide in the bedding.
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    Managed to take some better pictures, couldn't withhold these...
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    Today I found a Corydidarum roach walking on my son! I must admit that I was a bit flabbergasted... I still do not understand how it came to walk there. How did it escape? I can only reason that it must have escaped before I put them in their enclosure. I checked for holes larger than 1 mm, but found none. And the silicon grease barrier it intact. So far I haven't any seen walking over that grease layer. None the less I dismantled their habitat so check and count them all. I could find 9 out of 10, but it could very well be that one escaped my sight and remained hidden (I did not toss up the substrate). Next I thought I saw a deceased one... My heart missed a beat, but it turned out to be a shed skin. Breathing calmly again! Even their skins are beautiful, so I wanted to share a picture: