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    Well I think they sell pretty well, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem controlling their numbers, you could always keep them unheated for a while to slow down reproduction, or use them as occasional feeders...
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    Ah, well then the abstract painting can be on your face! It's the hot new makeup trend; live and unrestrained roaches.
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    Oh, that's too bad. The Paratropes roaches in particular are gorgeous. Imagine a bin where you flip over a piece of bark and there's 20 of those under it! LIke some kind of weird abstract painting.
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    OK that just looks like she has died and been partially eaten, it’s not a prolapse. She might have been the one who gave birth but I wouldn’t say the two events were necessarily connected - it’s just as likely that another female gave birth to the nymphs and this one happened to have died on the same night. in my experience E. javanica live about two years, they don’t seem to live as long as the other hisser species, although to be fair my javanica colony is more crowded than my other hisser colonies so that may also be a factor.
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    Magnolia leaves will work fine as a leaf litter. I have oak in my enclosure, but that's just what i have available. As for food they don't seem to be too picky. I feed mine a mixture of fruit/vegetables like apples, bananas, orange, and carrots. They seem to favor apples, but that's what i feed mainly anyway. They also really like fish flakes I offer every few feedings. They usually take what they can get.