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    Depends on the springtail to roach ratio, mine had a few tropical pinks, (Sinella curviseta) in their starter deli cup, and that number eventually rose to to a few dozen, however the dozen Compsodes did actually outcompete and smother the springtails within that enclosure before they got out of hand, which I attribute to the small enclosure size and lack of an abundance of decaying organic matter for the springtails to feed on, plus the fact that there were only a few springtails introduced to the enclosure in the start. If you started the same amount of Compsodes out with a hundred tropical pink springtails though, (the most pesky of the springs), in a larger enclosure full of leaf litter, rotten wood, etc., then you might have a problem... You could start the same amount of Compsodes out with a few hundred small silver springtails and have no issues though, so it does really depend on the springtail species.
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