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    I enjoy keeping and collecting a wide variety of invertebrates along with playing video games and growing plants.

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  1. Roach collector

    Smallest Non-Climber roach in the hobby?

    It would make an amazing feeder!
  2. Roach collector

    Feeding whilst away

    I would feed them potatoe or carrot while your away. Those seem to work the best for me and don't spoil.
  3. Roach collector

    DIY Modified Sterilite Gasket Tubs from Target

    like @Tleilaxu said I'd love to see your collection! Those racks in the background with all those container are very intriguing! I want to know what's in them
  4. Roach collector

    Anyone keep Eupolyphaga sinesis?

    I feed mine apple and carrot. They'll eat cichlid pellets as well.
  5. Roach collector

    Camel Crickets?

    Okay, awesome thanks!
  6. Roach collector

    Camel Crickets?

    Thanks a lot! Hard to find info on the Internet! Would a 10 gallon tank be sufficient to hold 3-5? How bad is their smell? Are they as bad as pet store crickets?
  7. Roach collector

    Camel Crickets?

    I'm getting a few of these from a friend soon and I wanted to know of anyone had any experience breeding or keeping these. I have no idea what species they are just their native to CT.
  8. Roach collector

    Deropeltis sp. "Jinka"

    Very nice! Keep us update!
  9. Roach collector

    Paranauphoeta rufipes (ex. discoidalis)

    Awesome! Can't wait until your colony explodes!
  10. Roach collector

    New Rhino Roach

    Definitely will!
  11. Roach collector

    Paranauphoeta rufipes (ex. discoidalis)

    Have you gotten any new nymphs yet?
  12. Roach collector

    What are the biggest hisser species?

    On kyles site he says Oblogonata get 80mm males max and if your gonna use a gromphadorhina, Gromphadorhina grandidieri would be the 2nd at 70mm.
  13. Roach collector

    New Rhino Roach

    Yeah, I actually just lowered it tonight to make sure I'm out of the way of any mismolts that may happen. Thanks for the info I'll make sure to keep this girl as healthy as possible.
  14. Roach collector

    New Rhino Roach

    Anything I need to change about my setup or anything?
  15. Roach collector

    New Rhino Roach

    Yeah he's there every expo with some amazing roaches, isopods and occasional plasmids.