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  1. 7tisix

    Don't use springtails!

    Off topic, I see you read books in your sig. ever try Brandon Sanderson books?
  2. 7tisix

    Don't use springtails!

    Oh, btw, my peppereds seem way calmer now when I handle them since I cleaned out the springtails. Some of those died, don't know if it was springtail related.
  3. 7tisix

    Don't use springtails!

    Yes, more than 1000 in every enclosure
  4. 7tisix

    Don't use springtails!

    They only roaches that I know that were not affected for sure were glowspots and extinct in the wild, because i have a starter supply of those. Both are at least a year old, the glowspots still immature.
  5. 7tisix

    Don't use springtails!

    I ordered some pink springtails about a year ago. Don't know the species. In several enclosures, I had various cockroach species affected. The springtail populations grew out of control. I had thousands in each enclosure. I think a higher humidity in the enclosures excaserbated the overcrowding problem. Even larger roaches such as adult longhorn Hissers were affected and several died.
  6. I recently ran into problems with overcrowding of springtails. They ate many of my roaches legs off. I have since separated all the roaches in all my enclosures from the springtails. I noticed this after several roaches perished.
  7. 7tisix

    Hawaii Roaches

    There are the 2 species I see outside the front of the Aulani Resort. The first species is the smaller one, and there are literally hundreds you can see along the sidewalk on leaves. They seem to eat decaying leaves. The second species are bigger, and resemble American cockroaches, although not the variety that exists around my house in Louisiana. http://s64.photobuck...ary/Hawaii Bugs
  8. I am vacationing at the Aulani resort in Hawaii and noticed some roaches on light poles at night outside the resort. Can I legally catch these and check them with my baggage on the way home? I may get some pictures if I get a chance.
  9. 7tisix

    Byrsotria rothi

    Thinking about getting some of these to put in with some millipedes. Worried about them disturbing molting pedes. How far do they burrow under the substrate?
  10. 7tisix

    Louisiana roach hunting

    I caught 2 of those Ischnoptera deropeltiformis pictured above and put them in my communal tank. Those guys are fun to watch run. They drift like a race car lol.
  11. 7tisix

    Louisiana roach hunting

    Found these guys today while looking for millipedes. More pics in the Album
  12. 7tisix

    Beetle nymphs or parasite?

    I guess it was about an inch long.