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  1. All About Arthropods

    L. verrucosa stuck in shed

    Very sorry for the loss; I know it can be heart-breaking. Best of luck with the others going forward.
  2. All About Arthropods

    L. verrucosa stuck in shed

    Unfortunately, I think it's a goner if it's stuck so deeply into its old exoskeleton. 😥
  3. All About Arthropods


    100%! I love posting to my blog, but Instagram is so much quicker and it's so much more of an interactive experience.
  4. All About Arthropods


    This dusty thread is getting new life. 😛 Mine is @allaboutarthropods. Posting things from roaches to beetles to isopods almost daily!
  5. All About Arthropods

    Clean up crew questions

    I honestly would always recommend springtails as a clean-up crew as opposed to isopods since they're more inconspicuous most of the time and there's no risk of them chowing down on your roaches like there is with isopods. But if you were to use them as a clean-up crew, I recommend staying away from at least Porcellio spp. (more likely to much on the roaches) and Porcellionides spp. (way too prolific). You can indeed just throw them in without any extra care besides maybe tossing in a tad of extra food each feeding. Roaches will clean-up their own enclosures to some degree by partially-wholly consuming their own dead bodies, but don't mess with the feces at all. As to how you would know if you need a clean-up crew or not, that's hard to say. Some people show allergic reactions if waste builds up too much, but in general , the roaches themselves only really have issues if dead bodies accumulate, which can cause bacterial blooms and lead to infection (with some Epilamprids being outliers). Feces are really not much to worry about for the roaches and, in fact, I have multiple colonies of Pycnoscelus literally swimming around in their own feces right now and they're still doing magnificent.
  6. All About Arthropods

    New to roach keeping!

    Exactly! The flashy stuff is good for luring people into the hobby, but once they've been hooked, it's easier to feel the fascination for nearly all species.
  7. All About Arthropods

    Beetle lover turned roach fan!

    @Bmaines96 should have some flexivitta, but if not, you can also scroll the ad section on here. They're not extremely rare, so they pop up in lists from time to time Yeah, Kyle's either online or he isn't......unfortunately he's been just about completely offline for months now.
  8. All About Arthropods

    New to roach keeping!

    Welcome! As @Hisserdude stated, there's no such thing as too many questions; if you ever have any, ask away! Interesting to see Parcoblatta on your list so soon; they're all rather small and not "the most stunning of the stunning". I admit, I didn't really want to keep anything from the genus when I just broke in, but my eyes have been cleared and I can see the beauty and worthwhileness of keeping them now. Glad you've realized this already!
  9. All About Arthropods

    Arizona Inverts

    Excited to see 'em!
  10. All About Arthropods

    Arizona Inverts

    I wish! The tenebrionids there are a big target for me.
  11. All About Arthropods

    Beetle lover turned roach fan!

    Welcome! Almost all adult roaches are equipped with wings (including the ones you mentioned), but not all can really use them. I recommend Peppered roaches as @The Mantis Menagerie suggested; they're large, considerably docile, and adult males can only flutter downwards slightly, no true flying ability. Polyphaga spp. are also really great; P.saussurei is the most docile roach I've ever encountered and also get's quite large!
  12. All About Arthropods

    Hormetica strumosa

  13. All About Arthropods

    Hormetica strumosa

    I know of only 3 people that have them, including myself. The others being @Bmaines96 and @Cariblatta lutea. I have not gotten my female to drop any babies yet, but I know they have; hopefully their colonies are still doing well.
  14. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Porcellio scaber "White Out" Large individuals Medium-sized individuals Small individual Mixed-size individuals
  15. All About Arthropods

    AAA's Swarm

    Porcellio sp. "Spiky - Canary"