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  1. Mmfh

    Latiblattella rehni "gray"

    Striking looking
  2. Mmfh

    55 gallon aquatic ideas.

    Do u use a small amount of salt in ur tank? When I bread them it seemed to kept them happier then plain freshwater.
  3. Mmfh

    Experimenting with Fruits and Vegetables

    I just tried apples with my Dubia, I cut all the skin off due to my pesticide residue fears, but they have devoted it. It was a small red delicious apple.
  4. Mmfh

    Perisphaerus pygmaeus

    Lol you are making me jealous.
  5. Mmfh

    Arenivaga tonkawa

    I love the fuzzy look
  6. Mmfh

    Blaberus sp. "Venezuela"

    Neat looking. Hope they do well for you.
  7. Mmfh

    Experimenting with Fruits and Vegetables

    Lol fussy little kenyans
  8. Mmfh

    Liquid from grapevine beetle

    Are these eating the beetle jelly?
  9. Mmfh

    I have BABIES!

    Congratulations !! It's always exciting to find babies
  10. Mmfh

    Wild Pupa Hatch

    I found one of these once but only kept it for a night as I had no appropriate food for it. It was very active. Hope they do well for you.
  11. Mmfh

    Creating humidity

    I think I have decided to go with Gyna sp. their shape and colors really appeal to me. So I'm hoping that this method will work. I'm going to experiment a bit and see what works. Thank you for your responses.
  12. I was wondering if I could create humidity in my enclosure by filling a jar with water and poking some small holes in the lid. I know many ppl just use damp coir. The reason I do not want to do this if I can avoid it is because I have a millipede cage that I keep moist and it is a source of concern every summer. I get a crap-ton of small black flies with their wormlike maggots and grain mites and swarms of fruit flies (I swear I inhale thousands ). So I don't want another cage where these nuisances can spread. Also, if this idea is viable, will the roaches still breed with ambient humidity or do the ooth need to be in contact with a wet source? Thank you.
  13. Mmfh

    A nice molt...

    Very nice. What is that you are using to allow them to hang off of?
  14. Mmfh

    what isopods do you keep?

    I have a group of free roaming giant springtails. I originally put them in my A. avic cage. Then they all moved into my millipede cage. Then one day they were all gone and I eventually found them thriving under the water bowl in my turtle cage lol.