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  1. I'm thinking to shrink my colonies because I no longer keep reptiles & invertebrates like in the past so can you guys help me telling me each roach's money worth for dubia, red runner and lobster? I'm not planning to sell by bulk but would consider 100 to 500 if some guy asked me I have no idea how many roaches I got left but lobster & dubia they seem like A LOT since you guys are the experts I figured you'd tell me how much 1 roach is worth or 50, 100, 200, 500 possibly bulks for each species
  2. Jesus

    Red Runners on the loose

    The reason I have big bins, I bought them at big lots cheap, those same bins in walmart at normal price are pricy but these had a discount, yes I have lots of feeders but it hasn't gotten to the point I can't handle it, the ones that were breeding like crazy were my hissers right now the colony is lower than before because the screen mesh wasn't secured enough and red runners got inside the hissers bin they bred inside and must have caused stress or they probably ate the egg sacks now I have roughly 400+ hissers while before I had like 2500+ so that's actually good I already secured the hissers bin there was one small bin I wanted before, they had it at big lots but when I went a week afterwards they must've sold it cause I couldn't find it, I figured I saved $$$ getting those and I'm sure big lots still has lots of them if I go but at the moment I don't need a new bin, right now dubia are the ones that I have A LOT, got enough dubia to feed 25 bearded dragons or 100 tarantulas last time I cleaned the bin and changed the egg flats few months ago it was insane seeing so many dubia
  3. Jesus

    Vasoline vs. silicone

    I've alwaus used vaseline for my hissers and it works flawlessly, in summer it kinda melts but still they won't cross it over, whenever I clean the enclosure I use paper towels to remove the vaseline that way it won't be messy after you clean the enclosure
  4. Jesus

    Red Runners on the loose

    That one is too small right now I'm using these for my hissers/red runners and lobsters Bin for my dubia I'm using this Bin wish I could take pictures but I have a crappy old camera like I mentioned before the small red runners must have escaped where the clippers are in the corners, those green clippers cause the screen mesh I put on top It's well sealed with tape
  5. Jesus

    Red Runners on the loose

    What are those? like glue traps? I can't have glue traps on the floors or walls of my room cause the dogs might try to lick/eat them the other day some of my dogs were eating a dead periplaneta americana corpse
  6. Hello I've noticed some of the red runners bred in my room, the other day I cleaned one of my rodents cage, there was babies and a few adults running around at the bottom (floor) then sometimes when I turn on the light I see babies on top of the containers of my other colonies I'm guessing some have escaped and some bred outside the bin should I be worried? would they infest me? we only had one infestation at home but that was cause a neighbor had the infestation at his home so when he tried to use chemicals to kill em all lots of roaches fled straight to us and other homes other than that we never had any kind of infestations, I'm hoping once winter hits in the last week of november they might not survive the cold weather cause I don't have a heather unless they get used to the weather? it also helps my room has lots of spiders and webs so lots of loose roaches get trapped there please I need good answers cause I don't want to get infested I think I'm regretting getting red runners now but lately I've been feeding red runners to my beardie and he loves them specially chasing them also hope they don't chew my wires/cables out of hunger that would suck cause I have my ps3 and speakers plugged at the moment
  7. Jesus

    Red Runner sorting

    Because they run super fast and they can crawl thru most surfaces unlike dubia which are slow and don't crawl out of the containers
  8. Jesus

    Red Runner sorting

    Bearded dragon, and I don't think that method would work with red runners plus I don't have those containers with holes every roach is different It's like saying you can sort hissing cockroaches that way too while I bet it cannot be done unless you want to hurt them
  9. Awhile ago a guy from here said he was gonna make video tutorials on how to clean the red runner's bin and sort the roaches but he never did the other day I wanted to pick up a lot of males for my reptile but they run super fast I tried grabbing them by hand but every time they ran to hide I need to know how can I capture/sort them to feed my reptile? it would be the first time feeding him red runners I don't know if he's going to eat them due to their speed I always fed him superworms/dubia and fruits/greens
  10. Jesus

    Switching food

    I have oats too plenty of em but I don't use em much due to those annoying lil white bugs :(
  11. Jesus

    Help me solve a problem

    Sadly I have the roaches in the same room but I could use that in other places outside of my room, if you got any brands, names and links you can recommend that'd be awesome :)
  12. Jesus

    RR questions

    I tried 9 years ago to buy something off ebay and it required me to have a bank account or credit card in the end I couldn't buy what I wanted, I'm not sure how I'd sell on ebay never done it in my life in fact I never mailed anything other than envelopes with a stamp if it was easy I'd do it, the reason I wanted to sell the colony cause I was going on a trip for awhile but I'm not going anymore regardless I haven't gotten any new animals and 2 of my reptiles died so I'm having the overcrowding problem mine are kept in a 40 gallon sterelite bin
  13. Jesus

    Switching food

    When we used those brands the dogs had diarrea we got Purina and the roaches eat it all :P