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  1. Products are listed in inappropriate categories and with terms that violate category rules (for example, the mantises all ship regular post instead of one-day, which the category requires). Looking at this dude's ebay store again....it seems like these mistakes could be out of ignorance but something just doesn't sit right with me. ebay used to be really strict about only allowing feeders to be sold but it looks like they've gotten a bit more lenient (fish seem to be okay now for whatever reason, but tarantulas still aren't?). Still, I'm pretty sure a lot of invert listings violate their terms, like all the millipedes being sold as feeders. Unless there's a site wide crackdown, I doubt anything will happen to you
  2. Ahh interesting. He's also violating other listing practices so he may not be around long if eBay decides to enforce them.
  3. As the saying goes, "If it looks too good to be true..." This seller has been posting a number of questionable ads on ebay for live insects at suspiciously low prices. It looks like several of their hisser listings are just portentosa hybrids or morphs, like this poorly spelled listing for "grandieri": https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Tiger-Hissing-Cockroach-GROMPHADORHINA-GRANDIERI-Feeder-Mixed-Size-Nymphs/323288073454?hash=item4b457884ee:g:IcEAAOSwL7ta~eIm Correct me if I'm wrong but that looks like regular portentosa to me! I've tried reporting some of the seller's listings but eBay doesn't seem to care. Be careful!
  4. nepenthe

    smell of the feeder roaches

    If the smell is very strong you have a problem with your bin, but a big healthy colony will still have a faint smell. Dubia don't smell like red runners, a mature colony has a milder and more earthy smell.
  5. nepenthe

    Sculpting domino roach burrows?

    I recommend dental plaster, hydrocal, or ytong. The first two are liquid so you can make a mold of your burrow and pour around it, or you can carve into it after it cures (be careful, they're very brittle when cured). I think ytong is bought as a solid so your only option is carving into it. You can also buy premade ytong burrows: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Formicaio-Antnest-Antfarm-Gasbeton-Ytong-/263166520536?hash=item3d45f26cd8:g:qoUAAOSwB-1Yrn73
  6. nepenthe

    Shipping question

    I've gotten tarantulas through USPS priority a couple of times with no problems.
  7. I also keep mine in a sterlite gasket bin but I have mesh screen hot glued on top. You could also try PTFE or 100% silicone grease, but I'm not sure if they would work better than regular vaseling. I don't think they will establish in your house because they need higher temperatures to breed.
  8. If you need to thin out the collembola just let your substrate dry out!
  9. nepenthe

    Ultimate "Cave roach" Display ideas

    There's a youtube channel called Lizard Landscapes that has tons of ideas for stuff like this! The designer uses styrofoam, glue, paint, and some kind of non-toxic sealant. I forget what he coats the sculptures with but if it's safe for lizards it's likely safe for your roaches. Here's the video for making a rock wall:
  10. nepenthe

    Power Feeding?

    I think you can "power feed" pretty much any exothermic animal by increasing temperatures in order to speed its metabolic rate. It's even practiced with reptiles, and some fish breeders also keep their fish warmer so they mature faster (not sure if they call it "power feeding" though). It's controversial in many hobbies because it does shorten the lifespan of the animal, however tarantula keepers argue that power feeding through the spiderling stage is beneficial because tarantulas die more easily when they're young. Here's a good article about the topic. I personally don't fuss with my temperatures much unless I start to notice problems.
  11. nepenthe


    What a cutie!
  12. nepenthe

    Entomophagy Discussion & Experimentation

    I've eaten dried mealworms. I think they were dehydrated (or baked?) with a little oil and some salt added. They actually taste pretty good! Kind of nutty and savory. I could imagine using them as croutons or even snacking on them alone.
  13. nepenthe

    Bait for wild roaches

    I've heard peanut butter works too. It's usually an ingredient in homemade insect bait recipes (just leave out the boric acid, of course!)
  14. nepenthe

    Red Runners Diet

    I feed mine whatever I give the dubias (usually orange). Just make sure the protein source doesn't get low. I can always tell if I run out of cat food because I start to see halves of individuals strewn about the enclosure :/
  15. nepenthe

    Panchlora sp. (Giant) and orange rinds?

    I feed basically everything I have sliced oranges with the rind. I don't know how toxic it is but the roaches eat around the rind. Luckily I haven't had any deaths due to pesticides to my knowledge but I do wash all my fruit. My Panchlora nivea (not giant)didn't seem to care for orange as much as other species, but they're not heavy feeders anyhow.