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  1. Beaker41

    Hisser colony

    I've been feeding all my t's from a colony of oblongata's but only my enormous adults will take on a full sized one. My t. Stirmi female loves them and my a. Gents and LP never ask twice no matter what I throw in there.
  2. Beaker41

    Tarantula recommendations?

    If you've got a lot of feeders to get rid of nothing beats the l. Parahybana. It is a total garbage gut, gets about 7" and grows fast. If you want less of a plain brown color, a. Genticulatas are nice , similar to lp's and they stay in the open as nice display animals once they get over 3" or so. B. Vagans and b. Albos are good choices , though they do tend to spend more time in burrow and are somewhat nocturnal.
  3. Beaker41

    Suggestions for Introducing Yourself

    That's it , oblongata , I hear Adam sander saying it in my head ala' "the water boy".
  4. Beaker41

    Suggestions for Introducing Yourself

    Hi all ! I've been keeping Dubai as feeders for my tarantulas for years , but started watching them as much as my t's, so I recently aqquired some great horned hissers and wanted to find out more about their care. I found a link on Arachnoboards that brought me here and I'm excited to try out some of the more exotic species of roaches !