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    Wood and plants for roaches

    Blaberus, Eublaberus, and Parcoblatta is what I would be using the wood for i was mainly wondering if any of these are known to be harmful to roaches or if they are all ok.
  2. Randomjoe


    could try the forms, and then there's roach crossing, bugs in cyberspace, cape cod roaches, ebay, and lots more
  3. Randomjoe

    Which feeder?

    I'm thinking about getting S lateralis to use as feeders for mt tarantulas and scorpions buy was wondering if any of the Parcoblatta would breed fast enought to use instead?
  4. I do like the looks of the Arenivaga G. lurida yellow or G. caffrorum are a likely possibility. These look neat. Thanks for the replies I'll have to read up on all of these to see if I'm confident in trying them.
  5. Now that its warmed up I'm trying to decide what to get next. Currently I have G. portentosa, B. dubia, E. posticus, B. sp. Venezuela, and B. cf. chacoensis. I'm planing on getting S. lateralis to use as feeders for my tarantulas and scorpions and would like to get a couple other species to keep as pets. The only real requirement is they need to be able to be used as feeders for population control. I also have a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko and 2 crested geckos.
  6. Randomjoe

    Lucihormetica grossei

    Very nice looking hope they breed for you.
  7. Randomjoe

    Which feeder?

    Thanks for the answers. I was reading on Roach Crossing that P. fulvescens don't burrow. Do other Parcoblatta burrow like P divisa and P. lata?
  8. Randomjoe

    Can't tell if roaches are eating?

    I keep my G. portentosa pretty dry and as for heat. I use 1 of those oil filled electic radiator type heater in the room i keep my roaches, tarantulas and scorpions and shoot for 80 degrees. My temps range from about 77 to 82 in that room and in the summer i have the ac blocked in that room so i get highs between 80 - 85 and night time lowes never got below 75 last summer. Like Hisserdude already said if you only have a few they just don't eat a lot.
  9. Randomjoe

    Blaberus question?

    thanks Allpet Roaches. With fusca being first what else would be in the top 3 or 4?
  10. Randomjoe

    Blaberus question?

    I'm was wondering what are the fastest breeding / growing Blaberus sp. commonly avalible?
  11. I'm thinking about starting an isopod colony in a 3 cup square plastic container. Would damp aspen bedding mixed with maple leaves and/or pecan leaves be a good mix for then to live on or will i still need soil/ecoearth in with them to? Also what would be some of the better types to start with?
  12. Randomjoe

    Question about starting an isopod colony

    thanks for the ID. Yes i caught them in an unused flowerbed at one end of my house i was surprised they were still out and about. They really enjoyed the pecan leaves they ate all of them before eating much of the maple leaves. I have 2 more containers so I might go out and look for more and isolate the orange ones.
  13. Randomjoe

    Question about starting an isopod colony

    finally got some pics had to crop it to make the file size fit here
  14. Randomjoe

    Question about starting an isopod colony

    I collected maple, pecan, and pear leaves and set up the container with coconut fiber and mulched leaves then put maple and pecan leaves on the top. I also found some isopods in an unused flower bed i'll try to get pics later to post for an id. thanks for the help so far.
  15. Randomjoe


    Are fruit tree leaves like pear and apple tree leaves ok to use for roaches?
  16. Randomjoe

    Question about starting an isopod colony

    cleaners mostly but possible feeders for small lizards/tarantulas also
  17. Randomjoe

    Oniscus asellus "Mardi Gras Dalmatian"

    Maybe its like the blue merle color for dogs where you have to breed it with a normal color that has the gene for it to get babies with it?
  18. roachcrossing.com and capecodroaches.com both have a small selection of roaches legal to ship to Florida I believe.
  19. What about B. Orientalis I don't personally breed them but they live in the basement / crawlspace and occasionally venture to the house during humid stretches. So pretty sure they're good 65f - 75f.
  20. I'm planning on starting a few colonies of Blaberus, and the room i'll be keeping them in stays at 75f to 80f. I'm planning on B. Atropos. I was also thinking of getting B. Discoidalis but while looking them up I saw B. sp Venezuela and B. cf Chacoensis and I like the look of both of these more than the Discoids. My question is do all these grow and breed at about the same rate or do any of them grow or breed faster/slower than the rest. Also i like the look of E. Posticus but keep seeing everyone take about there strong defensive odor. Just how bad is it. Is it as bad as cricket, worse, not as bad? Thanks for any info
  21. Anyone have experience with B cf. Chacoensis (shield-spot roach) at all anyone have any info at all about growth rate, breeding speed, or anything else?
  22. Randomjoe

    Feeders with small nymphs

    I'm new to this forum and had a question I hope someone can help me with some information. Besides S. Lateralis what other roach nymphs would be equivalent is size to newborn crickets. Adult size could be same as adult crickets or even larger. The main requirement for me is non burrowing, non flying, since they would be for young scorpions and tarantula slings climbers would be ok. thanks for any info you can give
  23. Randomjoe

    Feeders with small nymphs

    Thanks for the replies i'll look up those suggested and see if i like any of them better than S. Lateralis.