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  1. Glad to hear you found a chick feed that'll work for you. I've read and heard plenty of people that use chick feed not only for their roaches but also for their crickets. Economically chick feed also makes better since if you have a farm supply store near you because I can pick up 30 - 40 lbs of it for the price of 16 lbs of cat food. That being said I have E. prosticus so I use the pond fish food because of the higher protein, and give lots of fruits so I haven't noticed much wing biting.

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  2. If there are any feed stores/farm supply stores near you check em out. I'm not sure for veggie only but my first thought would be rabbit food. You could also check the ingredient lists for chicken, cow, sheep, and goat feed. You could also check pond fish food there but the fish food I use does have some animal protein. I think the chick feed runs between 16% - 20% protein. Usually you can get feed in 40 - 50 lbs bags at a fairly cheap price.


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  3. I don't use heat mats. I use an oil filled electric radiator type room heater during the winter and have the ac vent for the room blocked off for the summer. my daytime high gets to 80 -85f and night time low is about 75. My colony has grown a lot but i started with far more from 3 or 4 sources. 1 of those sources I got a lot of mature females so that helped a lot.

  4. Oh btw if you have any feed stores near you, you could go there and buy chicken grower food fairly cheap. I've read and heard it used by quite a few. It's where I get my pond fish food that only cost me $15 for 40lbs, and around where i live chick grower food is like $10 - $15 a bag too.

  5. How many do you have? The more you have the more likely you'll see them eat. My colony is on the larger size now and I feed it about every other day. When feeding I can watch them moving down the egg crates toward the food. They swarm the dry food first then spread out toward the fresh fruits and veggies. You could mix in dry dog, cat, or fish food if you want. My mix is Pond fish food and whatever leftover cereal i have at the time.