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    All of God's creations in the entire animal kingdom but especially herps (reptiles & amphibians), rodents and roaches. Reading, researching, studying and observing anything and everything. Gardening. Bird watching. Nature.

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About Me

The older I get the more I appreciate...

I currently breed / raise various herps (specializing in ball pythons), rodents (domesticated varieties of rats, mice and African Soft Fur rats)  and numerous different species of roaches.

As for cockroaches, I really enjoy all of the different hissers, Therea, Lucihormetica, Eurycotis, Gyna, Blaberus, Archimandrita, Simandoa and Macropanesthia to name just a few and am focusing on breeding / raising about 10 - 12 species at the moment. No Macropanesthia ...yet!... maybe someday.

Most recent book purchase 09/29/16: For the Love of Cockroaches: Husbandry, Biology, and History of Pet and Feeder Blattodea by Orin McMonigle - Highly recommended!


Best wishes.



Phil. 4:6