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  1. I'm planning to add more hissers from a different source to my current colony to improve the genetic diversity. Can I add them directly to the tank? Or do I need to keep them separate first and get them used to the smell of each other? I mean, will they attack other roaches they don't know?
  2. fabarmadillo

    Hisser males died suddenly with white growths

    That makes sense. What's curious to me is, why were most of the females not affected? Can there be a sex-linked immunity to the fungus?
  3. I've had a small colony of Madagascar hissers for four years. There isn't much genetic diversity but otherwise they seem very healthy. A few months ago, all but one of the males suddenly died within a day. Their eyes turned white, and several also had white growths on their legs. The growths were all the size of a grain of rice and looked like worms, except that they were hard and weren't moving. The dead roaches fell apart at the joints or completely crumbled when I tried to pick them up. About a year before that, another male had looked the same when it died. But that time, the infection didn't spread around the colony. I think there were one or two females that died too. Otherwise, the females and the one male weren't affected at all. Any ideas what caused this?