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  1. Hibiscusmile

    anyone know what this is please?

    nice answer, who knew!
  2. Hibiscusmile

    List of Species in Hobby

    Use chrome browser, it opens fine. I knew I should of not looked at this post....
  3. Hibiscusmile

    Cleaning a glass tank safely?

    If the tank can be moved (id) small enough, I always used dish soap and a good rinse.
  4. Hibiscusmile

    Blatta orientalis as a "pest" species

    Got a pic of them?
  5. Hibiscusmile

    Parcoblatta Unknown fulvescens Like caudelli

    I miss my roaches....
  6. Hibiscusmile

    Hello from a newbie!

  7. Welcome, hope you do well.
  8. Hibiscusmile

    Screen Mesh Size

    I have fiberglass 20 x 20 but have yet to find metal mesh, give us a link?
  9. I believe using vinegar as a rinse or grapefruit juice will do the trick, but if u have bug poison on them, don't even eat it yourself, no since in killing yourself to save a roach....
  10. Hibiscusmile

    Guess who got interviewed!

    That was great! I could hardly hear it an will try to see it again!
  11. Hibiscusmile

    Feeding roaches rose leaves

    Can I just go gather up tree leaves for them? oak and maple? black walnut? tks very interesting
  12. Hibiscusmile

    Hi from Edinburgh

  13. Hibiscusmile


    hello, late but welcome!
  14. Hibiscusmile

    First isopods died, now G. portentosa.

    roaches are pretty hardy, I doubt it is the wood, but if you remove it, it should not pose any more problems.
  15. Sounds like they are well on the way, in no time at all u will be overrun with them.