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  1. I like the orange or black bodied mutants. Very cool!
  2. Keith

    Cleaning a glass tank safely?

    Thank you for the ideas!
  3. Keith

    'Giant' hissers?

    These get large! http://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/wide-horn-hisser/
  4. You could buy cork bark decor in the reptile section instead of paper towel rolls that will mold and it looks more natural.
  5. Keith

    Is my roach gravid?

    If there are males with her you can assume she's Gravid.
  6. Don't forget other fruits and veggies like bananas, apples, carrots, mango, romaine lettuce, and watermelon they love those!
  7. Many popular feeder insects are tougher than you think! In my house we have an unfinished basement of concrete and sometimes we get small drops of water when it rains, our oil burner has dead insects under it, and our cats food and litterbox are down there. I've had mealworms escape. They managed to crawl and avoid my cats to the side where the oil burner is. I didn't see them for over a month assuming they died. Then one day I notice mealworm beetles crawling up my basement walls and flying around the house trying to get outside. The mealworms not only survived, they were reproducing in my basement! The oil burner provides warmth and they eat the dead insects that fall under it. The beetles crawl in search of any moisture and eat whatever they find not a basement there is enough. Over a year and there is a small population thriving but they are more agile than ones you buy at the store. I had purchased house crickets and tropical house crickets during the summer. The box had a hole and quite a few escaped outside. I thought they wouldn't last a day. Next day I hear and find both species in my garage and under our back deck. We have cat food outside and the crickets came from below the deck, and carry the food under the deck to eat! The species both got along together. During the day they were silent, at night they congregated on the house walls and along the concrete walkway and driveway. They eat whatever they can find, grass, dead bugs, seeds, plants, soil, cat food, it's amazing! They traveled from my yard down a few houses it truly was shocking. Late summer thousands of babies were everywhere at night, they reproduced outside! This is New York no tropical climate here even summer gets rain or windy days. As it got cooler they all found three way into my basement and like the mealworms thrive and reproduce! I've seen both species interbreed but no offspring result. The tropical house cricket is best suited for survival they are tough, agile, and grow quickest! I've even spotted some outside during 40F degrees outside in October sitting where the sun hits to stay warm with the wild field crickets, truly mind blowing! Never underestimate these critters!
  8. I just brought this at toys r us, crickets will control and drive the car! http://www.bugracercar.com
  9. Keith

    Crickets drive this toy car

    Not yet I just got it and still need to buy crickets.
  10. Keith

    Invasion of the feeder insects!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one!
  11. Keith

    Invasion of the feeder insects!

    They definetly are mealworm beetles, apparently they aren't as innocent when it comes to diet as we thought.
  12. I read somewhere father hissing cockroaches in the wild eat bird droppings to give precious nitrogen to there young. Is this true, and any way to replicate, what about bird droppings? http://books.google.com/books?id=R7eVRP08kasC&pg=PA85&lpg=PA85&dq=cockroach+bird+droppings+nitrogen&source=bl&ots=8Zfv9nMMwx&sig=F0i-n4sGFERBVLD3SIW5wiWO8Uk&hl=en&sa=X&ei=MOYuUbzPA9GH0QGVyYHwBw&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAA
  13. Keith

    G. Portentosa? Or hybrid?

    Unless your running Noah's ark or an endangered species breeding program does it really matter if roaches are pure, that's my whole point, especially if they are going to be fed off or kept as pets.
  14. Keith

    G. Portentosa? Or hybrid?

    Sucks they get fed off, cause they aren't pure. I can list so many exotic animals you buy in pet stores that are hybrids and people don't kill them off. It's a waste other people would buy them.
  15. Keith

    G. Portentosa? Or hybrid?

    Illegal importing happens all the time so it's possible people could be doing that to add vigour and you need to understand that color can vary naturally we all know how diet and humidity has been shown to affect Hisser colors.
  16. Keith

    Large Hisser stays fat but always hungry

    The rest in the same tank don't eat as much so it's not a survival tactic.
  17. One of the male hissers I raised since birth is 2 and he has always been the largest of the bunch. However it's strange because he is twice the size of the rest, and his abdomen has always been very large. He is fairly lazy but otherwise normal. Except eating, he always is hungry and devours food until literally it feels like his stomach will burst that's how swollen it gets! It reminds me of obesity or an eating disorder. Any idea what causes this, whatever it is isn't fatal.
  18. Keith

    G. Portentosa? Or hybrid?

    How does anyone know they are not pure? Unless someone collects wild specimens and compares DNA you can't look and say they are or aren't pure.
  19. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    Looking good!
  20. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    Your project is great! Obviously it's working! ?
  21. Yes! I've had them attack one another when they are hungry and devour dead tank mates, they crave lots of protein as well as fresh fruits/veggies. Mine enjoy cat kibble (blue wilderness it's packed with protein and fiber), but you could ocassionally put in cooked beef/chicken/turkey (plain) and they will devour it!
  22. Keith

    G. portentosa color variation?

    All of the ones in that photo look more red than usual. You usually see more Maroon and Yellows with little red in them. With large colonies your bound to get some variation, if you isolate them and breed red with red you eventually might get true red morphs to be consistent.
  23. Keith

    Accidental Hisser death ?

    One of the hissers I raised since birth died from an odd accident. In my cage I have a tiny, shallow water dish that's actually a plastic cover from can o crickets. Less than an inch of water, for a Hisser it's nearly nothing it can walk in the water safely. Well, I woke up and found one dead, on its back, in the water dish. I figure what happened was it accidently fell off a log a few inches away, landed in the dish on its back and being well fed couldn't right itself, and probably drowned from the spiracles touching the water for a long time. 😢 When I woke up I found him dead, I took him out hoping he would be ok but he was already gone. He was my smallest adult Hisser, the runt, I named Little Man. He was 2, still had a few years left. Usually my others hissers have no trouble with the water, guess his small size was his downfall, he will be missed.