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  1. Keith

    Accidental Hisser death ?

    2 days after to make sure.
  2. Keith

    It's silkmoth season!

    I have lilac all over and wild cherry, but I never see silk moths. The trees are in my yard and we have lots of lights so it's odd I never find any. Why not grow a host tree from seed or order a young tree if you want to raise them year after year and need leaves.
  3. That male is so light I've never seen one like it. With enough selective breeding I'm sure it's going to pop up here soon!
  4. Can anyone tell me what species of blaberus can hybridize with each other? In the past I had a male giganteus mate with a female fusca. No offspring resulted but that might have been to me keeping them cool all year and females died so I never tried it again under proper conditions. If they were actually mating then I believe there still might be a chance offspring could result. Basically how I accomplished this is I put a single mature male giganteus nymph with 4 mature female fusca nymphs, when they matured the male only had fusca around so he could only court them and I witnessed a normal mating. It's ironic to see a larger male mate with a smaller female! Aren't craniifer and discoids closely related to giganteus, shouldn't it be possible for them to hybridize if you can actually persuade them to mate?
  5. Prolapse and perhaps debris stuck to it, poop possibly? It looks blue from the lighting it's really brown.
  6. Keith

    Macro Leopard Gecko Photos

    Great photos! I've got to get my macro going for some photos.
  7. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    They both are awesome, congrats on the progress!
  8. Thank you! I will be sure to get a photo of the underside once he/she gets settled in
  9. Today, the babies (now adults) in this thread turned 2!
  10. I witnessed one of my hisser females mate in August, that's 5 months ago! I never saw an aborted egg case and was doubting mabye she never got pregnant yet she remained fat. Today I witnessed her air her egg case and it's back in, so she is fertile. How many more months until birth? This is crazy, every place I read says about 2 months full gestation, if the other half of the term is the same it will be 10 months gestation total!!!! The egg case was super long and shiny, each egg was huge looking I bet these will be humongous! Is this some sort of hibernation mode?
  11. Keith

    newborn Madagascar hissers.

    I did that, took group photos of each molt to compare changes. Amazing how different they look each molt, especially coloring!
  12. Keith

    Wide Horn Hissers?

    I had two that got some of that red color on pronum but not fully red like the ones above.
  13. Keith

    Spring Field Trips!

    Great article, and yes NY has taken forever for spring and it's still behind but getting there! I remember camping upstate NY and finding spotted salamander larva in a drying vernal pool and saving them by bringing them home. Got a few adults but sadly they only lived a few years I was young and didn't know proper husbandry yet.
  14. I keep roaches as pets so I don't need to worry what they eat bothering something that would eat them. A while back I gave my dubia and hissers pesticide free Rose leaves (not cleaned) and they devoured them! I noticed after a day or two they ignored the leaves remaining and vigorously ate their normal diet. I heard of some roach keepers who fed dried leaves and bark, mainly from Oak and Birch Trees. The leaves and bark were baked for the safety of the reptiles that ate the roaches. Being mine are pets, I collected the most rotten oak and birch leaves/bark I could find (still wet and soggy) from woods with no pesticides, and placed them right into my roach cage. Both the hissers and dubia actually ran towards the leaves and started eating them in a frenzy and the dirt on the leaves, who thought they would rather eat leaves over yummy apples or oranges? They ate the bark too but leaves were favored. My conclusion is in the wild they eat rotting bark and leaves, nothing in captivity can replace that, so that might be why roaches frequently die or are smaller than normal. If termites are related to roaches, and roach moms pass gut bacteria to babies, I'm assuming its to aid in wood and leaf digestion. Afterwards the roaches seemed full of energy and days later ignored the leaves and wood and went back to eating normal food. I guess deprived of wood they don't digest human food well and become sluggish? The hissers seemed to need the leaves and wood more, I even noticed the Hisser mites going near the wood and leaves! My hissers used to be thin and sluggish even after offering lots of food, but after eating the wood and leaves they perked up and readily ate food I offered and got fat quick. We've been raising common pet roach species all wrong! Natural foods still are important.
  15. http://www.newscientist.com/data/galleries/the-unlikely-charm-of-cockroaches/00474b81f54.jpg http://thesmallermajority.com/2012/09/30/ http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-the-biggest-cockroach-in-the-world-megaloblatta-blaberoides-from-ecuador-48183743.html http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?21192-*PIC*-cf.-Megaloblatta-ex-Costa-Rica
  16. Keith

    Wings not developing

    If wings don't expand fully it usually is low humidity causing it or they fall after molting and it affects the wings.
  17. Keith

    What Blaberus hybrids exist?

    I've had Giganteus mate with craniifer but no offspring resulted.
  18. Good luck you are on your way!
  19. The singer Avril lavigne has been sick with this for months I heard, creeps me out I went walking with thousands of tick nymphs in grass even though I had repellent and my socks and pants tucked in and light clothing. I hope you both feel better soon!
  20. Keith

    Tiny winged adult dubias!

    I thought you were serious. I actually had an adult male that matured earlier in life at only half the size of normal males, not penny sized though lol. he had light wings and dark body but didn't live too long and he never tried mating. He was in a post a year ago I'll have to see if I can find it.
  21. Keith

    Is this real?

    Looks like some beetle http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d9/Trilobite_tracks_at_World_Museum_Liverpool_d1.jpg/800px-Trilobite_tracks_at_World_Museum_Liverpool_d1.jpg
  22. Keith

    Is this real?

    Seriously, I thought it was a photo of a living creature and I've seen beetles that look like trilobites so I thought it was that. My bad!