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  1. Keith

    keeping dubias hydrated

    I mist them with water using a spray bottle, even apples and oranges don't quench their thirst fully.
  2. Keith

    New Frog Species has Fangs & Gives Birth to Tadpoles

    I think the african bullfrog has fangs along with pacman frog.
  3. Keith

    Lesser Mealworms

    Lesser mealworms I find in the wild, under rotting wood in undisturbed fields with tall grass, they eat the grass and clover roots and adults fly and eat clover pollen and other things.
  4. Plants can help with this topic. Many plants are self fertile, yes pollen is male part but it's from the same plant. When you grow seed you get tiny differences from the parent in offspring which gives you diversity. Even in plant clones, sometimes a plant will get a mutation and develop variegated leaves, those are green leaves with splashes or white or yellow on them. You can grow a fully variegated plant from that one leaf. Ever seen those colorful grafted cactus? In red,pink, orange,etc... Well they develop new tiny cactus offsets on the bodies that are clones of the parent, but sometimes those clones present new mutations from previous Parents, like my purple cactus developed 1 pink offset out of many purple, meaning somewhere in lineage was a pink parent in the line. This is how new diversity comes to populations that don't have genetic diversity. Like Galapagos animals. My point is you might get some mutations but the species won't suffer from inbreeding if you keep isolating any you might be able to get new looking roach population. I know some parthenogenic species on rare occasions can produce a male and mate sexually, be on the lookout for this too.
  5. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    I never was able to get males that light, you've made serious progress!
  6. Photos I took of this species http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/24125218
  7. Keith

    Which roaches get sold or fed first?

    Adult females are usually last resort for feeding most don't feed them off ever.
  8. We have them here but no figs grow here, they attack peaches and sometimes apples.
  9. Did you find him or buy him?
  10. On the sides nymphs usually have 4 white spots http://th03.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2014/142/3/c/nymphs_by_izusa-d7jamg4.jpg Abdomen lines usually will be white and visible where adults will have tiny segments on abdomen not white.
  11. Keith


    My roaches liked Figs and ate seeds without harm, dubia nibbled but hissers really enjoyed them.
  12. Keith

    New York Ectobius pallidus

    There is oak and maple here they live under rotting trees
  13. Keith

    Bullying issues?

    Cock is another word for what's between a mans legs, you know, his part....
  14. Keith

    New York Ectobius pallidus

    Here is a photo http://www.projectnoah.org/spottings/2360013
  15. Keith

    Bullying issues?

    As a kid people used to kill bugs in front of me when they knew I liked them, all it did was remind me of future animal/people abusers. Liking bugs made finding friends hard but it wasn't the worst thing as I got older people were indifferent about it. I got a tattoo of a scorpion because of my love for bugs.
  16. Keith

    Very Important Questions! Please Read!

    Hope you feel better, my cousin had mono after a tick bite and was out of school for a year.
  17. Keith

    New York Ectobius pallidus

    On Long Island I find nymphs that are orange and black are they wood roaches? The other roach you have I don't find but in Massachusetts they were plentiful nymphs were found in pinecones
  18. Cool! What happened to the baby Hisser in the 2nd photo looks like it got bit!
  19. Keith

    Hissers eating each other - alive!

    Orange heads love cat food, cooked beef, and cooked turkey or chicken (especially dark meat). But they also need fruit and veggies like bananas, apples, and romaine lettuce. They took eat oak leaves.
  20. Keith

    Look Alikes :D

    The snails look very similar to what I see here, I think they are called garlic snails.
  21. If she is its early on, impossible to tell by looking unless she's getting fatter and fatter. Also if males refuse to court her might be an indication, but again not a sure way.
  22. Keith

    Feeding Roaches Honey

    My hissers eat spinach and romaine lettuce which is green and they do fine. I've offered both green and brown Oak leaves, the hissers go to the green leaves immediately, but if I only have brown they nibble on them.
  23. Keith

    Feeding Roaches Honey

    Mine like Oak