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  1. 2 1/2 years ago I happen to get a starving discoid nymph in a batch of dubia. I kept it and it grew up living with the dubia and was a male. Besides 6 month growing period they say they live for a year, mine ended up living 2 years as an adult and being male which normally live shorter than females that's a long time! He died of old age just stopped eating suddenly and died few days later.
  2. Keith

    Discoid lifespan

    He got slower and wings tore up a little from burrowing and natural wear, but that's it.
  3. Keith

    B. giganteus noises?

    Yup they do that!
  4. If you can post a photo I can help Id.
  5. I have a chinese Firebelly newt I got a Long time ago, it's been many years since I've seen any for sale I think they are going to stop selling them.
  6. I have a flat horn with my regular hissers and she seems to love heat a little more.
  7. Keith

    Cool Looking Hisser

    I bred hybrid hisser's solely as pets and it was fun seeing them grow because it was a surprise what they would look like and what traits they would get from each parent. The results surprised me as I bred a dark and light thinking most will be dark, instead most were dark with light colored pattern, I was fascinated with the results!
  8. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    It almost looks like a different species so cool!
  9. Keith

    Dermestid beetles and stink?

    If they still eat decaying items they will most likely smell. Mine smelt and I kept cage rather clean.
  10. Keith

    Yellow Dubia Breeding Program

    Those are amazing your doing great!
  11. Keith

    "Pretty" or "Cute" Cockroaches

    Yellow or orange Dubia nymphs have a cute appeal to them, remind me of Isopods.
  12. Keith

    Cool Looking Hisser

    I think its still growing so colors might change.
  13. Keith

    Breeding Ground Beetles?

    Ground beetles here I find eating earthworms.
  14. Keith

    Hybrid mantids!!!

    IF two species can Hybridize and kept in captivity, I think the urge to mate is so strong they will mate with something not of their kind. Take the Liger as an example, that would never happen in the wild. There have been cases of dog/wolf hybrids in the wild but very, very rare because wolves usually kill domestic dogs. It was a rare case a female dog was in heat and lived outside and a lone male wolf who had no pack mated with her but probably only because he was low rank and wanted to start his own pack and that was the only female he could find. It's like the mantids, their kind is always around so hybrids rarely occur, in captivity forced mating putting them together makes it possible.
  15. The pronum has some pattern on it, if we could get a closer view of that it might help.
  16. Keith

    B. giganteus noises?

    I've seen them do it, their abdomens make the noise, mabye same way as hisser's do? The smell comes from their abdomen aswell.
  17. Keith

    B. giganteus noises?

    I've had mine do that. B. Craniifer also do it.
  18. Keith

    Monarch butterfly chrysalis

    Great photos!
  19. Keith

    Dehydrated Fruits

    It might be to tough to eat and chew.
  20. Keith

    Crowd control at Roach Ranch...

    He might kill the roaches too.
  21. That's exactly what's going on. I have G oblongonata hybrids and pure, yours look exactly like pure stock. Once they eat and fatten up they all look the same.
  22. Keith

    My T's

    Can current species sold hybridize? Imagine a red knee mixed with cobalt blue, awesome!
  23. Keith

    Is my Rose-Hair T an adult?

    Can't females live 10 years? If your into arachnids this is the site for you http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/forum.php
  24. I've been here a few years ago and hope to go again. My favorite was the butterfly exhibit.