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  1. lanny haff

    Death Head + Discoid Question

    I have small meal worms but I'm not sure of the scientific name. Thanks
  2. Hello again I have a question about death heads + discoids. I read that dubias young will actually keep a colony clean by eating waste, will the discords + death head nymphs do the same?
  3. lanny haff

    Aphonopelma chalcodes

    It does look like A. chalcodes. I bought mine at a reptile show and the guy who was selling them had a bunch of adults all were docile and he handled all of them.
  4. lanny haff


  5. lanny haff

    New Package!

    I looked at your awesome species and I assume that they're banned in Florida? I wouldn't mind a few of those.
  6. lanny haff


    I'm new here and I was wondering how do you post your collection when you reply or post on the forum? Thanks Lanny
  7. lanny haff

    Aphonopelma chalcodes

    Good morning I like your Tarantula. I have a A. sps. new river rust rump, it is 1 of the nastiest in my collection even though they ae supposed to be a docile species. It rears up + flicks hairs f you disturb her. I raised her from a sling + shes about 3 years old, half grown. I assume shes a female judging by how fat she is. It will a while before I know because they're a very slow growing species. Lanny
  8. lanny haff

    Hello, Nooby Here

    Thanks I'm going to use a screen top but I was under the impression that discoids couldn't climb. Lanny
  9. lanny haff

    Hello, Nooby Here

    Hi guys thanks for responding. Do u think a 10 gal.aquarum is big enough? I want the let the mediums to grow to adulthood before I start feeding off smaller ones. I'll still use crickets for a while.
  10. lanny haff

    Hello, Nooby Here

    I don't have a colony but I ordered 150 small + medium discoids that should be here in a few days. I plan to use them as feeders for my tarantulas. I have 13 at this time, l raised all from small slings.I have 12 NW+ 1 OW in my collection at this time.I found your site by searching the web looking for roach information. I still need to know what size enclosure I need for my new arrivals. Thanks Lanny
  11. lanny haff

    Hello I just joined you guys

    Thanks I thought they did but I wasn't sure.
  12. I have many questions about descoids [the ones that are allowed in Florida] The first is I ordered 50 small + 100 mediums. What size enclosure do I need? I read some on different sites trying to ge a rough idea what I'm doing. I'm going to use vertical egg cartons in what ever you guys recommend. Another question is do palmetto bugs eat crickets? I found some in my circket enclosure + I don't know if they were drinking or eating cricket food or the crickets. I use crickets to fed my tarantulas. Thanks Lanny