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  1. Shinylarvitar97

    Not new to the forum, but new to posting! Hello

    Yeah redmont he does, got mine from him recently. Very late but I stumbled upon this post while browsing haha! Thanks and yeah I'm getting out of hand with these roaches, but don't plan to stop soon! and I do enjoy it here hisserdude. I learn a lot from the forum and other users.
  2. Hello everyone as the title states I've browsed this forum a lot, but don't really post much so I thought I should introduce myself. My names Alberto but people usually call me Jr. I'm 20 and love raising, watching, and feeding roaches to my reptiles (if you couldn't tell)! I currently have 29 species of roaches and have a few different species of clean up crews (buffalo beetles, springtails). I'm still fresh to the hobby, about 2 years or so, but what once started as a means to feed my pets has become a passion! A lot of my inspiration for collecting more roach species come from Kyle over at roach crossing, peter from Bugs in cyberspace, and another member of the roach forum by the name of Axolotl (if I'm assuming correctly) who I have done multiple trades with. I'm also branching out into other inverts such as isopods, assassin bugs, millipedes, and possibly tarantulas too, though I really don't have any of the listed species. My next quest is to find Horrid king assassin bugs! Really cool species. I will be attending a close by expo soon and will be searching there! Well that's enough for now I've dragged it on a bit, I'm sure I'll get to learn more people on the forum as well who will help me grow my knowledge and collection of roaches/inverts!