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  1. I've got a Tarantula that I caught, so I know how to take care of them. However, I'm thinking about releasing him and buying a captive bred one. I found a Chilean Rose Hair at a local pet store for $20 and I was wondering if that is a fair price for one. And I'd also like to know if there are any specific things I need to look for in this species to make sure it's healthy before I bring it home.
  2. I love these critters. I kept them through a few cycles a while back, and still have the egg-saturated sand packed away somewhere around here. This makes me want to dig it up and start the colony up again. I love how when you don't have time for them anymore, you can just pack them away for a while. haha
  3. RosenKrieger

    Arenivaga hunting in southern California

    I'll totally help you look for some next time I'm down there.
  4. RosenKrieger

    Hissing behaviour of different species?

    Some of my G. Portentosa hiss pretty loudly while others in the colony don't hiss much at all. And my E. Javanica are only 2i still, so I haven't heard any of them hiss yet.
  5. RosenKrieger

    hisser belly

    Yes, those are baby hissers.
  6. RosenKrieger

    Facebook Roach Club ( For Florida Species )

    I don't live in Florida, but I requested to join the group anyway. I'm interested in at least learning about the species there and laws pertaining to them.
  7. RosenKrieger

    WC roaches for feeders?

    Most people generally let them breed for a few generations to try to weed out problems like parasites and carried pesticides, I believe.
  8. RosenKrieger

    Princisia "big"

    Dammit, I was excited for a minute there. haha
  9. RosenKrieger

    Found another molted rhino today

    I always love seeing a roach post-molt, and these guys look especially cool.
  10. RosenKrieger

    Ischnoptera deropeltiformis

    That is definitely an interesting lookin roach.
  11. RosenKrieger

    Video: Maternal Instinct/Social Behaviors

    That was an awesome video. Thanks for sharing that
  12. RosenKrieger

    I'm having forum troubles

    Ok, so whenever soemone attaches an image to a post, all I see are black boxes where the thumbnail should be and there is so link to see the full size image. Here's a screenshot to show you what I see.
  13. RosenKrieger

    Preserving Roaches?

    Yeah, it's pretty easy to do actually. Here's one of my shadowboxes (all of the critters there were my pets at one point and died of natural causes):
  14. RosenKrieger

    Is this normal

    Just looks like a discoid with an odd pronotum marking to me.
  15. RosenKrieger

    Are we the only ones

    I know quite a few people that keep roaches and stuff but are more active on the local southern california invert hobbyist group.
  16. RosenKrieger

    Hi from So-Cal!

    Yeah, summer gets up to about 105-110. haha. It's nice in the winter, I mean, it's 2pm right now and I'm sitting outside in pants and a t-shirt. lol
  17. RosenKrieger

    Hi from So-Cal!

    I think you just like Bakersfield because you don't live here. Haha.
  18. RosenKrieger

    Hi from So-Cal!

    Welcome to the Forum! If I still had any feeder roaches left, I'd offer to drive them down there. Haha. I live in central Cali, but routinely drive to the San Diego area to visit my dad.
  19. RosenKrieger

    Hisser jousting

    It is a bit entertaining. When I used to have my hisser colony, I would play with the alpha male by pushing on his pronotum with my finger and he'd rear up and push back. It was funny. I wish I'd gotten a video of it.
  20. RosenKrieger

    G.portentosa and B.giganteus in the same tank?

    It could. The tank I had those two species in was a 20 gallon long aquarium with a screen lid. It had about a dozen individuals of each species and I wanted to get a few AGB millipedes for the tank, but never actually got around to it.
  21. RosenKrieger

    Therea oothecae hatch time

    Yeah, these guys take forever to hatch. lol
  22. RosenKrieger

    G.portentosa and B.giganteus in the same tank?

    I used to keep a mixed tank of those two species and they did just fine.
  23. RosenKrieger

    I'm a nerd.

    That's pretty spiffy.
  24. RosenKrieger

    Live roach trap, maybe?

    Zephyr, I was just about to post that same link. haha. I've used that trap with pretty good success in the past.
  25. RosenKrieger

    Therea olegrandjeani

    That's pretty awesome.