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  1. Ratmosphere

    Roach Crossing

    In the amount of time that he didn't answer, I added some new inverts to my collection. Think I have enough for now! Was going to get them for myself as a Christmas gift but everything worked out. Still want them in the future!
  2. Ratmosphere

    Interesting hybrid hissers

    Wow, those are really cool!
  3. Ratmosphere


    Follow me on Instagram @plantbasedjimbone !
  4. Ratmosphere

    Oniscus asellus "Orange"

  5. Thanks for this topic, helps a lot !
  6. Ratmosphere

    Photos: My Other Invertebrates

    Very nice!
  7. Ratmosphere

    Roach Crossing

    Still nothing!
  8. Ratmosphere

    Roach Allergies

    Does this same principle stand for giant burrowing cockroaches? Wouldn't want to purchase them if I could be/can get allergic to them.
  9. Ratmosphere

    Roach Crossing

    Still nothing, very frustrating.
  10. Ratmosphere

    Rhinoceros cockroach sand

    Woo! Thanks dude. And no man, not yet. Hopefully this weekend he can get to my email!
  11. Ratmosphere

    Rhinoceros cockroach sand

    I'm trying to get the 50/50 ratio right but keep adding more than the other. Now I think I have too much soil than sand! You can see the sand clearly when you clump the substrate though. What do you think?
  12. Ratmosphere

    Rhinoceros cockroach sand

    Should I take some out of the mixture I have already and add more soil?
  13. Ratmosphere

    Roach Crossing

    Looks like he's going to be back soon. All I can do now is anxiously await an email back!
  14. Ratmosphere

    Rhinoceros cockroach sand

    Awesome, just purchased some.
  15. Ratmosphere

    Will this be enough?