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    Red runners dying

    I have had a stable red runner (Turkistan roach) roach colony for a couple of years. Everything was fine. But randomly the other day the colony suddenly had massive deaths. I don't know why they are dying! There is no mold as far as I can tell. They were fine one day and then literally the next there were dozens of bodies all over. It is like they are just dying for no reason all stages of the roaches. The only thing I can think of is maybe I put a bad apple in there, other then that nothing has changed or could possibly cause this that I can think of. Has this happened to anyone ever? is it some kind of colony collapse?
  2. How long does it take red runner ootheca to hatch normally? I know it probably depends on temperatures and humidity right? But how long would it take them to hatch with temperatures in 65-69 degrees? And also what is the maximum time I would expect an ootheca to hatch or still be viable? Like how long should I wait until the ootheca can be regarded as not going to hatch or non viable?
  3. Twilightroach

    Virgin Red runner observation.

    That is very interesting.
  4. It finally happened!! My Madagascar Hissing cockroach finally had babies successfully! I have been waiting forever for babies. The largest female was looking rather plump for the past few weeks or so. And then I looked in my cage last night and saw a bunch of babies! There are probably around 25-35 nymphs and they are all so cute! I am super excited they finally had babies.
  5. Twilightroach

    Madagascar hissers have babies!

    Yep thanks, Well more babies have arrived! another female had babies last night, I found her in a tube with a bunch of babies. The first batch of babies I think has started molting! I think I saw a 2nd instar or two last night. Lots of little mouths to feed now!?
  6. Twilightroach

    strange frass

    When I crush the little round things its like you are popping an egg. Also when I squished one, clear liquid came out, (I used a dissecting microscope to see this since they are so small). Also to me, it seems the larger round things dry out and open, and then inside is another small oval thing like an egg? I observed this under the microscope. So it is a mystery as to what these things are, or if they are harmful or not at all. But there doesn't appear to be anything living in the 'eggs' if that is what they are. Its just kinda freaky, I know they aren't normal. But looking on the internet I haven't found any answers. I did get some pictures with my dissecting microscope camera at 10x if you want to see them. Water crystals added.
  7. Twilightroach

    strange frass

    Ok, so this may be a bit of a weird topic/question, but I noticed some strange things in my madagascar hissing cockroach frass. Several of the feces in my hissers cage have these strange opaque ovalish shaped things in them. They look like tiny eggs. They don't look like they belong in the feces, and I am not feeding the roaches anything that I think would turn out to look like this.. To me, they look like parasite eggs, or at least that is what they make me think of. What are their feces supposed to look like? The things in question are in several of the frass pellets in varying degrees, like some have a few, others seem to be nothing but these odd shaped things. Is this normal? or might there be something wrong with my hissers? They are on a normal diet of apple, potato, dog food, and fish pellets. Nothing out of the ordinary. They all seem to be healthy too so maybe this is just normal? maybe they don't process food well for some reason? I am probably worrying over nothing but they seem strange to me. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Hello, so I have a female Madagascar hissing cockroach that has laid a bunch of eggs that is about 1 inch long. I know it is not a true ootheca since Madagascar hissers don't lay ootheca on the outside but have the nymphs hatch inside. But this is the second time I have seen a bunch of whitish tan eggs stuck in a bunch together. What is wrong with my female? why is she laying the eggs outside and not having them hatch inside? Will the eggs hatch even though they are outside? is there something wrong with my female?
  9. Twilightroach

    Female madagascar hisser laying eggs?

    Yes, of course, they get fish pellets and dog food as protein. I was just mentioning the fruits and vegetables only that's all.
  10. Hello, so I was thinking of getting some simandoa cave roaches,Simandoa conserfariam, sometime soon but I don't know their care requirements. Are they similar to madagascar hissing cockroaches? Do they require a substrate? high or low humidity? what about temperatures? Anything in particular I should know about them? Are they hard to keep? how long do they live? Thanks.
  11. Twilightroach

    Female madagascar hisser laying eggs?

    Yes, I feed them apple, carrots, and potato. So they get plenty of fruits. I even feed them orange on occasion. Maybe the next ootheca she carries will be good. Hoping!
  12. Twilightroach

    Simandoa cave roach care

    What kind of habitat would be good for them? as in what kind of cage, that is secure enough to not let them escape? What kind of bug barrier would work? Would a large plastic critter keeper type cage be sufficient? with egg crates and substrate?
  13. Twilightroach

    strange frass

    The dog food I have been feeding them is made of duck and potato. Do you think they could be some kind of mold or fungi things? I looked at some on the bottom of their cage, and it appears that the little white things are popping? or opening? and then around some of them there is this very thin white fuzzy stuff, almost like it exploded? Or maybe they are tiny parasitic worms? and I can see the remains of an empty shell but the contents are gone. Very very strange I must say. But I am worried for my hissers especially if it is a worm. Or they could be air bubbles which are popping and becoming moldy? Here is a different site that appears to have the same problem mine do, at least I think, although no resolution was found.. but at least I am not the only one with this weird thing. http://arachnoboards.com/threads/madagascar-hissing-cockroach-poop.281337/
  14. Twilightroach

    Female madagascar hisser laying eggs?

    Ok so I did what you suggested, removed the 3 extra males, and gave the cage heat. But last night I found another aborted egg case. And this time, there was a single baby madagascar hisser that hatched out of it. But the little guy has messed up legs. I also could tell that a few of the other eggs were about to hatch. Why did a single nymph hatch out? And any suggestions as to why she is still aborting her eggs? Also why aren't any of the other females having babies? Does only the most dominant female have eggs?
  15. Twilightroach

    strange frass

    Yeah, it is strange. But here is a picture of their frass. The circled section is the most clear and you can see the oval things I was talking about.
  16. Twilightroach

    Female madagascar hisser laying eggs?

    They are living in a 5 gallon class cage. So they have plenty of space with egg cartons for hiding places. I got them as nymphs and they have been growing up together, but it looks like I have 3 females and 4 males. Lots of males... perhaps that is the problem? Or it could have been a temperature drop, since it has recently gotten colder where I live. They have had pretty steady 70s temperatures for the most part. In the summer there was no need for a heater since the room has been mid to high 70s. I can try turning on their heater to see if that helps.
  17. Twilightroach

    Female madagascar hisser laying eggs?

    Why would she abort the eggs? yes she has always been with males. There are a total of 7 Madagascar hissers in the cage. Would removing her to a separate container help? Is there anything I can do for the eggs? Can I incubate them? or are they not viable?
  18. Twilightroach

    Feeding roach colony while away

    What types of food can I put in my turkistan roach colony that won't spoil or get rotten but also last several days. I would like the colony to be self sufficient while I am away. I was planning on putting a lot of fish food pellets and also an apple, maybe cut in half? and some flukers calcium cricket diet. But I am unsure of the cricket food, has anyone fed that to roaches before? And how likely would it be for the apple to rot and mold? How long can roaches last without food if they eat all the food?
  19. Twilightroach

    Feeding roach colony while away

    I will be away for a little over a week. Yeah, my Turkistan roaches are always hungry and eat up a slice of apple or two a day. That is true I could give them some dog food, I forgot about that thanks.
  20. Twilightroach

    How to get roaches out of container to feed

    Thanks for all the advice. I have toilet paper tubes in there for them. Which works nicely.
  21. I have been wondering, there must be an easier way to get roaches out of a container to feed them then I have been using. I have my turkistan roaches in a large plastic container with egg crates (stacked vertically) and coconut fiber, and I have been using a small vial to try and get/scoop small roaches out to feed but it doesn't work very well. There must be a better and easier way to do it. Does anyone have suggestions? How do you easily get your roaches out to feed them?
  22. Twilightroach

    2 questions

    Roaches are pretty hardy. So as long as you don't squash or push them too hard they should be fine. One way to get them to move is if they are on your arm to angle your arm upward. The roaches usually try to climb upward.
  23. Twilightroach

    Enclosure cleaning

    My Turkistan roach colony is expanding nicely, but now I am wondering, how exactly do you clean an enclosure with little nymphs and ootheca everywhere? The enclosure has coconut fiber as a substrate and egg crates for hiding. I haven't done any major cleaning yet, which I am wondering how you do? but I have changed out the egg crates before but now am not sure I can with all the nymphs on them. But the egg crates are getting rather dirty, with frass building up in the little nooks. And I don't want the enclosure to get too dirty. What is the best way to clean substrate? Would taking out the top layer work? And then adding some new substrate? What about egg crates with nymphs on them? I do make sure there are no dead roaches on a regular basis, and as soon as I spot one, which have luckily been very few, I take it out right away. So my colony is clean in that respect its just the excess frass I am worried about. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  24. Twilightroach

    Enclosure cleaning

    Ok, I will see if I can put the egg crates vertical once I clean out the enclosure. I was wondering though, is it necessary to have a substrate for Turks? I know some people like to have substrates and some don't. And also it depends on the species. But I am wondering which is better, to stay with the substrate, or go without any and maybe use paper towels. Has anyone tried Turks without a substrate and been successful? Of course I know that a substrate does have several benefits like holding moisture and keeping humidity up, which is one of the primary reasons I put it in, as well as a place for ootheca to be laid. But if the enclosure would be cleaner, and easier to clean, without it and if removing the substrate didn't cause any problems then that might be better? Any opinions or thoughts?
  25. Twilightroach


    Ok, thank you. What types of fruits and vegetables do you feed them? I feed mine apples and oranges. And potatoes sometimes too.