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  1. Yeah, same. Honestly kind of angry and beating myself up over this. Unfortunately it is what it is now...
  2. I mainly feed them veggies and fruit.
  3. So I had 8 cockroaches. Four of them were adults and the rest nymphs. One day I looked in and noticed legs and horn plate on the enclosure ground and saw that there was one adult missing. So, I am not sure how he died but they ate most of him. Nothing has changed.. Water and food the same.. I thought maybe since it was getting hotter.. but I added some small holes to the sides of the enclosure. Anyways, thinking the problem was solved.. I checked in on them yesterday.. Another adult dead, half eaten.. I took him out. So, now my female adult is left and largest male left along with the four other male nymphs. Is it possible that the male could have killed the other males for breeding rights or something? This is bizarre to me and I'm really unsure why they died.. Any ideas would be nice.. Going to change out their entire substrate and clean the container out tonight. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks ahead of time. Charlie.
  4. charzard

    Arenivaga sp. "genitalis"

    Awesome! This species is gorgeous. Very cool.
  5. charzard

    Roach ID?

    Man..how can you tell? I was trying to look at the differences between each species. They just look very much alike. Thanks
  6. charzard

    Roach ID?

    Great, thank you!!
  7. charzard

    Roach ID?

    And I also found this one.
  8. charzard

    Roach ID?

    I found a Parcoblatta pennsylvanica nymph before and wasn't sure if this is the adult or another cockroach species? Found in Woodstock, CT. Thanks!
  9. charzard

    Is he an adult?

    Thank you!
  10. charzard

    Is he an adult?

    Thanks!! I was thinking so due to the prominence of the horns as well as his length. Great, how long would one expect babies? My female is an adult, then, as well.
  11. I am just wondering if he will molt again or if he is an adult yet. I know @Hisserdude will know the answer. Thanks!
  12. charzard

    cockroach ID?

    So what would this cockroach eat? Carrots and fruits or?
  13. charzard

    cockroach ID?

    Awesome thanks !
  14. charzard

    cockroach ID?

    Cool!!! Thanks! Is sexing all roaches done the same way?