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    Therea petiveriana

    I just picked some of these up myself a few weeks ago. haven't seen them since I put them in their home. they were like first instar or a little bigger. seems they dug right in. I don't want to mess with them to see if they are still all alive, guess I will have to wait to see how many make it when they get bigger and mature lol. I do keep plenty of leaves both crushed and whole in with them. good luck on yours
  2. moghue

    Hello from Delaware

    Thanks everyone. I am going to be keeping my collection way down this time. might just work with a couple of types. I don't want to get big of a collection.
  3. moghue

    Hello from Delaware

    Hello everyone. Name is Matt. I am getting back into keeping roaches again. I got out a few years ago due to health reason. I pretty much sold off all my pets from frogs to roaches. I finally decided that im healthy enough to start keeping a few critters again. I keep mostly isopods and millipedes but did finaly pick up 10 domino roach nymphs the other day. They have to be one of my favorite roach to keep, well them and question mark roaches. I used to have both of those plus almost every Hisser variety I could afford to get, not to mention 5 or 6 other type roaches(cant remember the names to be honest).