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  1. Maybe I should have said it better lol what I ment was I like the common name but then use the Latin to look up info on them.
  2. talace

    Lanxoblatta rudis (Rough Bark Roach)

    They are just... WOW
  3. I am a novice and if there is only a Latin name I skip a ad.. Comon names help so much to home in on what I am looking for.. More hissers or so many cool ones ..need more space
  4. talace

    Cat food question

    Ok Gerber not servers
  5. talace

    Cat food question

    I feed servers multi grain baby food flacks mixed with a small amount of dry cat food ..fresh veggies and some citrus and they seem to be doing ok
  6. Hi I am new to this but why don't they just DNA subjects to determine what they are?
  7. talace

    Panchlora sp. "Speckled"

    Those are to kool