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    Raising roaches, various strains of B. Craniifer and their differences, video games, giant beetles

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About Me

I have a few Deaths Heads and a few Ivory roach nymphs and some hissers

my profile picture is currently just a photo from google images but I hope to add a picture of one of my own Deaths Heads as soon as they mature.

I am new to the hobby and am here to learn valuable info on roaches and roach care so that I can be a better caretaker for my current and future roaches.

Cockroaches that I hope to someday get:
Panchlora sp. "White"
Pycnoscelus sp. "Black"
Lucihormetica grossei
Lucihormetica luckae ;]

Corydidarum pygmaea
Gyna caffrorum
Gyna capucina
Gromphadorhina grandidieri "Black"
Simandoa conserfariam
Macropanesthia rhinoceros
Manipulator modificaputis ;]