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  1. Hi, can you ID this roach please? A friend get some and want to give them to me. They came from Thailand. Sorry if this post is in the wrong category Thank you
  2. congratulation for the offspring.
  3. CockroachTV

    Drymaplaneta semivitta

    Hi guys. Well i got some Drymaplaneta from a friend. HE told me that i need to keep them on sand. Well i think sand is to dry? I found a couple of dead roaches, seems that they dried out... Do you have any hints for me?
  4. What do you feed the Simandoa?
  5. CockroachTV

    Panchlora sp. "White"!

    Wow, they are awesome. I would give a lot to get them to Europe
  6. CockroachTV

    Hissers in film & tv?

    "They Nest" is a film about pest Roaches
  7. CockroachTV

    Perisphaerus pygmaeus

    Beautiful Pics, sadly i have no more of them.
  8. I can only speak for Corydidarum magnifica. It's almost the same as Corydidarum pygmaea. The males dies about 3 months after they reach adulthood.
  9. Nice. My tesselata don't hiss. They only try to bite me xD
  10. Hello Everyone, like the Title says, what makes a Princisia vanwaerebeki to a Tricolor? How must be a Triclor look like to be one? kind regards