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  1. aoikirin

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    Awesome! I'm not creative enough to do this like you guys but I love it !
  2. aoikirin

    If Roaches Used Social Media...

    Lol I love this topic
  3. It's funny I tried buying white springtails from Bugsincyberspace but they always died off lol
  4. No. Mine are grey and hang out on carrot Could you look at the pic again and see if you can see it please?
  5. Can you see the picture?
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nhyh7i8MhRyfQu-kGe0XoAqCVfyjXkLk/view?usp=drivesdk Are these harmful ?
  7. aoikirin

    Need help with Simandoa Conserfariam

    Wow so they have a really long gestation?
  8. I've had an adult male and female together now for many months and I've yet to see any babies. I changed their substrate today and verified the lack of babies. They get carrots, oranges, dried cat food, water crystals, and powered dubia food. They have a heater. I don't want to breed them to sell or anything, I would just like to have some when my two adults die. What am I doing wrong ?
  9. aoikirin

    Southern California Invertebrate Club Launching!

    I would love to hopefully I can!
  10. aoikirin

    Southern California Invertebrate Club Launching!

    I live in OC!
  11. I got all of the items. Super cute!
  12. I don't mean because of having a huge number of them in a small container with rotting dead. I mean more which species have a smell in general even with a clean enclosure. The only species I have where I've noticed an odor is my container of male Aeuluropoda Insignis a.k.a. flat horn hissers. Their enclosure has a strong smell. I won't say it's horrible, but it's definitely musty. I have females of the species in a different enclosure and I don't find they smell at all. Weird right.
  13. I noticed that the nymphs are especially squirrely and hide all the time! Not every roach species is like that. Aeuluropoda Insignis for example are out all the time and hardly ever hide, not even the babies.
  14. Omg they bite you ? Wow. They're hella fast so I can't imagine holding them. They're squirrelly and run all over. I think they are the only species I have that I can't hold for fear of dropping and losing them.. I'm happy to hear they have some longevity. You said they are sensitive to overcrowding...how crowded were they? How did you know that they were adversely affected by this? Is gestation the typical 2 to 3 months?