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  1. Started a colony about a month ago and had some trouble getting the temp right so they would breed.(they're in a drafty area as we're short on available space) Its been pretty warm lately and all of a sudden the nymphs are everywhere, yay! However, when i went to do some cleaning, (been about 2 weeks since i cleaned it last) i notice the frass in the bottom appeared to be moving.. Upon closer inspection, i found what looks like tiny mealworms covering the bottom. THOUSANDS! Im feeding cornmeal+ Repashy bug burger powder mixed in and water using polymer crystals. Ive occasionally put in fresh veggie trimmings, but not very much and all but skins are gone. Ive also noticed a large percentage of my medium dubia dying off. Not sure why. I have a cleaner crew (buffalo beetles) in the cage that appears to be growing, but didn't find any definitive info on if the larvae was related. Hoping someone here could give me an idea. Thanks Jake