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  1. On another post, a user mentioned that hissers do not burrow. However, one of my new immature Hisser roaches is burrowing into the substrate slightly and hiding himself. Is it possible he's not a Hisser? I mean, he makes noise at me... He was sold to me as a Hisser. I can post a picture if that will help. Is this behavior a sign of something wrong with either the roach or his environment? He doesn't look like he's about to molt and he doesn't seem sick. I saw him eating and drinking earlier. Can I do anything to stop him or is it just something he'll work out on his own, so to speak?
  2. kawaiiroaches

    Young Hisser Died During Molt?

    I was aware of the roach ban! I checked for sure, and a local pet store sells them. I believe Florida and Louisiana are two because the climates allow the hissers thrive and eventually to become invasive. I've been giving my new roaches a cycle of day night, as well as keeping them slightly less humid than I was. Their substrate right now is a soft sort of dry grasslike bedding, and they have adequate climbing access and hiding places, including a carved out coconut shell which they seem to enjoy.
  3. kawaiiroaches

    Young Hisser Died During Molt?

    Hello, I have three male roaches. Well, had. I now have two. The smallest one began to seem lethargic and lazy a day after I brought him home. Then, he turned turn white the other day, burrowing himself slightly into the substrate. I assumed he was molting? However, the next morning, I checked on him(his name was John Snoach) and he was gone, for sure... His legs and antennae weren't moving. He was stiff. He has been buried already, but as a new roach owner, did I do something wrong? My roaches always have adequate food and water, they are kept warm with humidity up, and in the dark 98% (the other 2% is feeding and humidifying) of the time. I did not touch Jon Snoach at all after he turned white. I would appreciate some help as I am wondering what happened and I fear it might happen again. My other roaches seem fine, eating and drinking and crawling and climbing. I feel guilty but I don't know how or if I could have helped him.