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  1. kawaiiroaches

    Using food to change the color of my hissers?

    The fish food could be darkening their color, but full black hissers are pretty rare as some gene mutations make them ebony. Hissers seem to have somewhat of a random genetic lineup from what I understand, especially if they’re mixed. Experiment with different fruits and veggies and dry puppy food, see what you get. My roaches love oranges, carrots, pineapple, and strawberries.
  2. Honestly, what a huge help. I’ve tried to educate myself as much as I can on hissers, but I suppose I’ll always have something to learn. I have to say, she’s one of the most beautiful roaches I’ve ever owned, that picture really doesn’t do her justice. She also has very prominent horns for a female. Now I’m very curious to see what types of colors their nymphs will develop, as I’m now trying to nurture a larger colony. If some will favor her more than him. This brood was about 40, so we’ll see what color variations happens.
  3. Interesting, thank you! I don’t mind at all that she’s a hybrid, as I won’t be selling her offspring, but I suspected she wasn’t a bumpy hisser because she’s been breeding. As I said, still pretty new to roaches and bugs... 😅 Just begs the question for me of what she’s mixed with.
  4. Help with ID? I’m still fairly new to this hobby, and the other day, I was reading up on hisser breeds. I found that my female looks almost nothing like my male, except for the fact that she is definitely a hisser. Could she be the coveted bumpy hisser or am I just getting my hopes up? She is textured as I hope you can see. I bought her at a pet shop as a MHC. My male is definitely a MHC, he fits the bill. He is pretty docile and likes being handled, while she can be somewhat fussy and picky about food but I believe this may just be personality type A Picture of the roaches So, thoughts? Could she be a bumpy hisser? I don’t care either way, I love her no matter what, I’m just really, really curious.
  5. My female hisser has given birth twice this year. I gave most of her first brood away, but I kept two. This was about six months ago, probably. She just had new babies two days ago Today, both of my previous juveniles molted. Or tried. I’ve been keeping the cage very warm and humid. They seem to be only partially molted on their backs... It’s been hours. Is there anything I can do besides put them out of their misery? They’re barely even moving at cage temp around 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity... What caused this? The stress of new babies since my colony had been so small? Lack of protein in diet? Just... Birth defects? Something else..? I’m heartbroken, but I want to prevent this from happening again if I can. I can add a picture later if it might help. EDIT: Both of my older nymphs passed away, but I’ve only had one casualty from my current brood. I’m suspecting it was something to do with not getting enough protein... I’m going to look for a dog food with more protein than what I’m currently using. I’m also suspecting my female roach is a bumpy hisser instead of a common hisser. She’s colored very different from my little male.
  6. On another post, a user mentioned that hissers do not burrow. However, one of my new immature Hisser roaches is burrowing into the substrate slightly and hiding himself. Is it possible he's not a Hisser? I mean, he makes noise at me... He was sold to me as a Hisser. I can post a picture if that will help. Is this behavior a sign of something wrong with either the roach or his environment? He doesn't look like he's about to molt and he doesn't seem sick. I saw him eating and drinking earlier. Can I do anything to stop him or is it just something he'll work out on his own, so to speak?
  7. kawaiiroaches

    Young Hisser Died During Molt?

    I was aware of the roach ban! I checked for sure, and a local pet store sells them. I believe Florida and Louisiana are two because the climates allow the hissers thrive and eventually to become invasive. I've been giving my new roaches a cycle of day night, as well as keeping them slightly less humid than I was. Their substrate right now is a soft sort of dry grasslike bedding, and they have adequate climbing access and hiding places, including a carved out coconut shell which they seem to enjoy.
  8. kawaiiroaches

    Young Hisser Died During Molt?

    Hello, I have three male roaches. Well, had. I now have two. The smallest one began to seem lethargic and lazy a day after I brought him home. Then, he turned turn white the other day, burrowing himself slightly into the substrate. I assumed he was molting? However, the next morning, I checked on him(his name was John Snoach) and he was gone, for sure... His legs and antennae weren't moving. He was stiff. He has been buried already, but as a new roach owner, did I do something wrong? My roaches always have adequate food and water, they are kept warm with humidity up, and in the dark 98% (the other 2% is feeding and humidifying) of the time. I did not touch Jon Snoach at all after he turned white. I would appreciate some help as I am wondering what happened and I fear it might happen again. My other roaches seem fine, eating and drinking and crawling and climbing. I feel guilty but I don't know how or if I could have helped him.