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  1. Triple Supreme

    Howdy everybody !!!

  2. Triple Supreme

    Small sized feeders

    Newborns of little kenyan roaches are very small as well and they've been very prolific for me
  3. Triple Supreme

    What do you keep your gyna species in?

    Wow that was fast, thanks a bunch!
  4. I'm curious as to what i should put my gyna lurida and caffrorum in, as it seems like every container i try to put them in, they always squeeze past the lid and escape.
  5. Triple Supreme


    As long as the calcium dust has no harmful additives, it should do just fine. If isopods had no source of calcium, the effect would differ for each species i think. Faster breeding/hardier isopods can probably do fine without a direct source of calcium, as some people use them as a cleaning crew for roaches, and roaches can die if provided too much calcium.
  6. Triple Supreme

    isopods + green banana roaches

    Its probably a good idea to seperate the roaches and isopods. Maybe consider adding springtails with the roaches? Springtails are very small and are great at controlling mold and grain mites!
  7. https://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/ivory-head-roach/ https://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/lobster-roach/ https://www.roachcrossing.com/for-sale/roach/all/orange-head-roach/ Click on "detailed species stats" and that should be all you need to start some nice colonies of these roaches!
  8. Triple Supreme

    isopods + green banana roaches

    Im not too experienced with Panchlora, but i do know that Powdery orange isopods are one of the fastest breeding isopods, so down the line the isopods may try to outcompete the roaches for food, or if the isopods are hungry enough, *may* try to eat a molting roach, as they're more protein hungry than roaches are in my experience, however they would rather eat a dead non-moving roach than a live one. If you have plenty of leaf litter in their enclosure, it shouldn't be too big of a problem.
  9. Triple Supreme

    Are sweetgum and magnolia pods safe for roaches?

    I was curious if they were safe to use as natural/edible hides for Compsodes Schwarzi
  10. Triple Supreme

    Can compsodes schwarzi be housed with springtails?

    Thanks a bunch!
  11. I just got some compsodes schwarzi, and im curious if its ok to put springtails in their enclosure as a clean up crew, or if the springtails would bother the roaches because they're so small.
  12. Triple Supreme

    Are lotus pods safe for roaches?

    I bought some lotus pods for my isopods recently and i was curious if i could give some to my roaches as well.