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    Red runner question

    I heard somewhere that female red runners kill off males when they get too numerous, is this true?
  2. I made an insulated cabinet for my bug jars, i have 2 reptile heating pads in it (one big and one small). If i run just the big one it heats it to about 75°F, if i run both it gets to almost 100°F, is that too hot?
  3. 8733K3R

    How hot is too hot?

    Thanks for the reply, i figured it was but wanted to make sure. it was a test run so no bugs were cooked. i unplugged the small heating pad after my first post, added some weather stripping around the doors and placed everything into the cabinet, the temp has settled to 85-87°F. guess i didnt need the small one at all
  4. 8733K3R

    YouTube channels

    Looking for a dedicated roach youtube channel, anyone know of any?