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    Roach ID?

    Yes, I think so, too; the main question for me is the reason. Maybe some disease. They were F0, just offspring from WC animals, so it's quite possible. Woodlice were quite tolerant when roaches were L1, though quite numerous (they're somehow pesting in my vivariums, brought them occasionally from Lao several years ago, now they're literally everywhere, even with chilopods and scorpions...), so, IMO, if they took part in devouring, then they consumed either dead or dying insects. Yes, I'm sure. They can't climb polypropylene anyway, and enclosure is always tightly closed (no phorids, sciarids etc., so meshes are fine, boxes are closed). And yea, I've already found - not adults, about 20 large nymphs, from another location (that were from Myanmar, these are from Lao), but, IMO, it's one species, Ricnoda rugosa is widespread over all the region, from Myanmar to Vietnam. Maybe, in spring I can go to Myanmar again, though...
  2. mehraban

    Lanxoblatta rudis

    With some arboreal millipedes and woodlice I've used pieces of dead twigs covered with epyphytes - mosses, lichens, fungi etc., and it worked very well. The trickiest moment is the very beginning, when WC animals try to eat and digest completely new food - they're, AFAIU, anyway symbiotrophic, and their endosymbionts may be either damaged by transportation or have problems with these new materials...
  3. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    ... So they've perished. Don't understand how\why - just perished. The one and the only species of all my roaches, more than 50; all the rest are feeling better or worse, but feeling. I'm now back home - travelled for 1,5 months, and there're not even anything like remnants in their enclosure. Just disappeared without any traces. Food, humidity, shelters - everything seemed to be OK, but the result is somehow stunning for me. Moreover: I've a colony of some woodlice in the same enclosure, and they've not just survived - they're now innumerable, colony is bursting with youngs. Does anybody has anything like an experience of woodlice exterminating roaches in polyculture? O_o
  4. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    I don't think so - took'em all from one heap of leaves, as large nymphs, male molted to imago earlier and died. Moreover, he had managed to mate with female shortly after she molted for the last time - so now I've about a dozen or more I2-nymphs... If they're interspecific hybrids, I'll be very much surprised.
  5. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    Thanks! Yea, it looks very similar to www-Ricnoda pics, especially this funny position - tail-up, when disturbed, female somehow flattens itself and rises abdomen. Let it be Ricnoda, so...
  6. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    Found them in a heap of decaying leaves in eastern Myanmar, in Tenasserim mountains, near Thai border - if it matters.
  7. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    Female - yea, it's adult female, still alive and active:
  8. mehraban

    Roach ID?

    Hi all! Have a roach to ID. I think it's smth like Pseudophoraspis, but it's only my assumption... Male - now it's already dead: