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  1. VolkswagenBug

    Beetle lover turned roach fan!

    Welcome to roaches. Always nice to see other Utahns in the hobby. Henschoutedenia flexivitta aren't exactly the best handling species, but they are certainly interesting. As others have said, Archimandrita tesselata and Polyphaga saussurei are excellent candidates for that. Also Ergaula species (capucina, pilosa).
  2. VolkswagenBug

    New to roach keeping!

    Yeah, when I started I was more interested in the big and flashy species. I keep some of those, but I also have a fascination with smaller cryptic species now.
  3. VolkswagenBug

    Cat food question

    "JohnSmith" "Chrissy" Which one is it? Anyway, I've fed roaches small amounts of cat food before. It doesn't kill them, but it's not the best food. No idea how good cat food is for gutloading, as I don't feed my roaches and don't have any herps/birds who would need them.