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  1. RoachBreeder

    Containing German cockroaches?

    I use food grade "super lube" which only costs a few bucks for good sized tube.
  2. RoachBreeder

    Isopod's Favorite Fresh Veggies and Herbs?

    I feed my isopods potato and carrot shavings, along with decaying sticks and leaves supplemented by random veggies from time to time.
  3. RoachBreeder

    Dubias with missing legs dying necrosis

    They stopped doing it after a few days... I had ordered a pound of dubia from dubiadeli and I guess some must have been stressed from the shipping. thanks for the answer!
  4. I noticed I have been having dubias dying in one of my colony's. The colony has about 500-600 roaches and I've been finding about 3-6 dead roaches per day (all large nymphs and adults) I found it very unusual that each roach that died had one rear leg missing and the joint where the leg was connected looked very black like necrosis. Also the abdomens are swelled. I also found some roaches with all legs in tact but the legs were black and rotten looking (necrosis) Anyone ever heard of this issue? (If it even is a issue)
  5. Very cool Rhino roaches! I hope to get myself a pair of them one day (when I can afford it) I'm sure you will have a lot of fun and excitement for years to come with the rhinos
  6. RoachBreeder

    Hi from Boston!

    Since no one else has welcomed you yet, I will! Welcome! I'll share my first post with you since we are both new