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  1. emmett

    new grandpa!

    Ive suspected that three of my dubia females were pregnant but I wasn't too sure.... One day I found an aborted ootheca being eaten by the dubes. (Dubia + Dude.....lol) Last week (around a week after the first one) I found another ootheca being eaten. This morning at 2am my biggest female was acting weird and opening her vent super wide. At 8am I found the proud mama eating on the banana I put in just in case she did have babies with like twenty little white tic tacs running all over her. Theyre adorable! Does anyone have advice on how to get them out? The dubias I currently have were given to me as pets and I would like to keep it that way but I want to start a breeder colony just for fun. I want to separate the nymphs into a separate container but I dont want to hurt them? Last time I checked most of them were still white and I dont want to squish them. I also dont want them running up and off of my arms/hands. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  2. emmett

    Preserving dead specimens?

    jeez, taxidermy on a roach...how does one go about that?
  3. emmett


    What does "rank" mean on our profiles? Just curious
  4. So my roaches are spoiled and they have these little feeding stations that I made. I realized that they're actually helpful! So I hot glued bottle caps (Gatorade ones because those are big) to tile samples from Home Depot. I put water gel in one cap and the dry food mixture in the other. It reduces mess, has easy access for the roaches, looks super cute, but most importantly NO MORE MOLD! I put their fresh fruits/veggies on the tile because it's easy to cleanand then the mold frm the fruit doesn't go on the eco earth but with the caps glued down the dry food no longer gets into the water gel so there's no mold from that! It also looks really cute.
  5. emmett

    Baby hissers

    genius idea! lol
  6. emmett


    Anyone have tips on making roach bin cleaning easier? It is annoying to take them out and then put them back in. I have my dubias in a bin with no substrate because I think two are mommas to be. Right now these are pets but once there are a few babies I'm going to start my first colony. Worried about mold. With my hissers (who are on ecoearth) I put their fruit on tile samples I got at Home Depot and it's no longer an issue. Thanks
  7. emmett

    Thanks to the community :)

    Thatd be cool!
  8. emmett

    Bronx Zoo Valentine's Day Roaches

    i have this years pin, i get lots of questions on it! ive also been tryint to hunt down the plushie.
  9. emmett

    Thanks to the community :)

    i laughed really loud at the "dang emmett"! and yes thatd be awesome!
  10. emmett

    Bees and roaches

    I know that this is a super old post but bees and roaches are my favs lol
  11. I just wanted to give a quick thank you to those in the roach hobby! I don't feel so alone in my interests and if I didn't know where to get such good advice then I wouldn't have ever gotten my roaches! Now I have 11! (Gromphadorhina portentosa males: •Walnut •Pecan •Chestnut •Cashew) (Blaptica dubia subadults: •Mercury [suspect female] •Venus [suspect female] •Mars [suspect female] •Jupiter [suspect male] •Saturn [suspect male] •Neptune [suspect male]) { I know some of those names are after male gods for the suspect females but I like for the names to match } {p2: I didnt want to name a roach Uranus even though its not pronouned as Your-Anus but actually Yerr-En-Us but still} (Blaptica dubia nymph: •Pluto) {I know Pluto isnt a real planet but this little guy is so tiny and adorable!!!} I am pretty confident in my research and care taking methods but it's nice to know I can call in some back up if needed! Im not sure if this is the right part of the forum to say this in but still! Thanks a lot!!
  12. emmett

    dubias : male vs female

    thanks! good thing I seperated them asap! i want to study them for a little while before breeding
  13. emmett

    Marcus the desperate lover.

    poor marcus </3
  14. my mother, trying to be polite, bought me six small dubia roaches and a dubia nymph at some fair she went to. the guy said they were all females. i sepwrated the nymph because its really teeny tiny and i dont want a male to sneak his way into my new girls BUT theres three that look different. three that i am 100% sure are definitely girls but there are three that are almost pitch black with their little 'shoulder pads' more visible. i think theyre young males who didnt grow wings yet. like i said they are really small.
  15. emmett

    Free hisser babies!!

    I messaged you