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    cheap wood/cork?

    not necessarily just roach related but does anyone know anywhere to get cheap cork bark/log/wood hides? i keep meaning to get more but i cant justify spending ten bucks on amazon plus shipping for a stick. i would just go dig around locally and find something to boil or whatever but i dont trust anything i could get around here. im really just trying to find hides and logs or maybe big sticks for my roaches to play in as well as the new lizard friend who will be staying with me for awhile as a favor to a human friend. ive looked on a lot of pet websites but theyre either steep in price or just those logs that youd see at like...petco or something. im still slowing changing my set ups to be more naturalistic even though i am definitely not able to keep up with a bioactive tank. thanks!
  2. hello! havent been as active on here due to my chronic illness taking a short turn for the worst. in a week or two will be the one year anniversary of getting my first hissers and im going to do a general update on all my roaches later on. anyways, the point of this post was to ask this question: what is the part called that goes over their heads? that part of the exoskeleton that sort of sits over their heads like the bill of a baseball cap. on hissers its the part where their lil 'horns' are. i refer to it lovingly as the helmet but i was wondering if there was an actual term for it. please feel free to ask me to clarify if my explanation doesn't make sense LOL
  3. emmett

    cutest snack time ever?

    the cutest thing happened a few minutes ago. i was holding one of my hissers, chestnut and he was just sitting on my thumb hanging out, as hes known to do. i thought it would be funny to pick up a fish flake with tweezers and show it to him, since i always hold up their fruit before i feed it to them (just so they know what's on the menu ) and his antennae went crazy! he reached over and had his two front legs on the blunt tip makeup tweezers and then other legs were still holding onto my thumb and HE ACTUALLY ATE THE FISH FLAKE RIGHT OFF THE TWEEZERS i wish i was able to take a video but he was stretched between my two hands and i didnt want to drop him but it was sooooo funny! every night i take their enclosures off my shelf and let my cats watch them walk around in their tanks for a little bit. i give them salmon cat treats while they sit and watch this way they know not to jump on the shelf (it works! they wait patiently to watch the roaches, its like theyre watching tv) and i think the cats might have told him to eat the fish treats i will have to try it again tomorrow to see if i can get a picture!
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    so i have fibromyalgia. my current girlfriend is very into paganism and things like that, she wants to burn sage in my house to make herself feel more connected to me. i dont really understand but thats a different topic. anyway, i have cats and dogs which im not too worried about but since im bedridden most days she wants to do it in the master bedroom too. my hissers and dubias are in my room and i was just wondering if it would kill them.
  5. I just saw some pictures of the very stunning Aptera fusca. (Cape Mountain cockroach) and I was wondering if anyone on here has ever kept them before? Sadly right now I cant expand my collection even if I wanted to (I do, I really do) but I was just wondering if there was any more info on them? Ive already done your basic Google searches.
  6. emmett

    Cape Mountain Roach

    They look kind of matte and their coloring is stunning! Thanks for the info!
  7. emmett

    Cape Mountain Roach

    Interesting! I didn't see anything about that!
  8. emmett

    new grandpa!

    Ive suspected that three of my dubia females were pregnant but I wasn't too sure.... One day I found an aborted ootheca being eaten by the dubes. (Dubia + Dude.....lol) Last week (around a week after the first one) I found another ootheca being eaten. This morning at 2am my biggest female was acting weird and opening her vent super wide. At 8am I found the proud mama eating on the banana I put in just in case she did have babies with like twenty little white tic tacs running all over her. Theyre adorable! Does anyone have advice on how to get them out? The dubias I currently have were given to me as pets and I would like to keep it that way but I want to start a breeder colony just for fun. I want to separate the nymphs into a separate container but I dont want to hurt them? Last time I checked most of them were still white and I dont want to squish them. I also dont want them running up and off of my arms/hands. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!
  9. So my roaches are spoiled and they have these little feeding stations that I made. I realized that they're actually helpful! So I hot glued bottle caps (Gatorade ones because those are big) to tile samples from Home Depot. I put water gel in one cap and the dry food mixture in the other. It reduces mess, has easy access for the roaches, looks super cute, but most importantly NO MORE MOLD! I put their fresh fruits/veggies on the tile because it's easy to cleanand then the mold frm the fruit doesn't go on the eco earth but with the caps glued down the dry food no longer gets into the water gel so there's no mold from that! It also looks really cute.
  10. emmett


    Anyone have tips on making roach bin cleaning easier? It is annoying to take them out and then put them back in. I have my dubias in a bin with no substrate because I think two are mommas to be. Right now these are pets but once there are a few babies I'm going to start my first colony. Worried about mold. With my hissers (who are on ecoearth) I put their fruit on tile samples I got at Home Depot and it's no longer an issue. Thanks
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    What does "rank" mean on our profiles? Just curious
  12. emmett

    Preserving dead specimens?

    jeez, taxidermy on a roach...how does one go about that?
  13. emmett

    Baby hissers

    genius idea! lol
  14. I just wanted to give a quick thank you to those in the roach hobby! I don't feel so alone in my interests and if I didn't know where to get such good advice then I wouldn't have ever gotten my roaches! Now I have 11! (Gromphadorhina portentosa males: •Walnut •Pecan •Chestnut •Cashew) (Blaptica dubia subadults: •Mercury [suspect female] •Venus [suspect female] •Mars [suspect female] •Jupiter [suspect male] •Saturn [suspect male] •Neptune [suspect male]) { I know some of those names are after male gods for the suspect females but I like for the names to match } {p2: I didnt want to name a roach Uranus even though its not pronouned as Your-Anus but actually Yerr-En-Us but still} (Blaptica dubia nymph: •Pluto) {I know Pluto isnt a real planet but this little guy is so tiny and adorable!!!} I am pretty confident in my research and care taking methods but it's nice to know I can call in some back up if needed! Im not sure if this is the right part of the forum to say this in but still! Thanks a lot!!
  15. emmett

    Thanks to the community :)

    Thatd be cool!
  16. emmett

    Bronx Zoo Valentine's Day Roaches

    i have this years pin, i get lots of questions on it! ive also been tryint to hunt down the plushie.
  17. For the past few years the Bronx Zoo in New York has been doing a promotional event for St. Valentine's Day where you can name a madagascar hissing roach after your partner as a symbol of "resilient and ever lasting love", advertising the 'cockroaches are immortal creatures' to the public while also going "name a roach after your gross ex" Anyway, they have the Name A Roach certificate that they print and send to you and they also offer little gifts. Last year it was a plush cockroach but this year its hisser socks and a hisser enamel pin. Theres also 'cockroach chocolates' which is just chocolate in the shaoe of a bug. They are very cute (but overpriced in my opinion) and the money goes to helping the zoo. I think it's pretty interesting and the promotional videos are really cute...they has a hisser on Tinder! It was hilarious. The event ends soon (Im in no way sponsored by the Bronx Zoo) but I want to know what everyone thinks! There isnt a lot of cockroach paraphernalia out there and as a roach lover Ive been itching to get the pin, especially since last year I missed out on the plushie. Here's The Website's Link Id love to hear what you guys think! (i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this, I wasnt really sure)
  18. emmett

    Thanks to the community :)

    i laughed really loud at the "dang emmett"! and yes thatd be awesome!
  19. emmett

    Bees and roaches

    I know that this is a super old post but bees and roaches are my favs lol
  20. Hello! Ive had my four male gromphadorhina portentosa roaches for several months and I feel pretty confident in their care. Since I feel a lot more relaxed about my first roach children I was looking into getting another species for my birthday in the summer. Right now I have my eye on either Gyna centurio, Archimandrita tesselata, or Elliptorhina javanica. I want two of whatever I decide (not necessarily a breeding pair but just two to have housed seperately). Does anyone have any idea on which I should get? I figured Id pick what kind first and then find somewhere with a reasonable price (suggestions for those are welcome too LOL) Id also like to thank the community for being here I know Im not very active but it's nice to know theres people willing to help if I would ever need any. (P.S. Gyna centurio can fly right? Yeah....is there any way to deal with that? Im not scared at all or anything like that but I woulsnt want to hurt the roach(es))
  21. my mother, trying to be polite, bought me six small dubia roaches and a dubia nymph at some fair she went to. the guy said they were all females. i sepwrated the nymph because its really teeny tiny and i dont want a male to sneak his way into my new girls BUT theres three that look different. three that i am 100% sure are definitely girls but there are three that are almost pitch black with their little 'shoulder pads' more visible. i think theyre young males who didnt grow wings yet. like i said they are really small.
  22. emmett

    dubias : male vs female

    thanks! good thing I seperated them asap! i want to study them for a little while before breeding
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    Marcus the desperate lover.

    poor marcus </3
  24. emmett

    Free hisser babies!!

    I messaged you
  25. emmett


    me too! also, thats how I got convinced to get boys instead of girls....LOL I wasnt ready to be a granddaddy just yet