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  1. Marlon

    Are these bad?

    I can't tell what I am looking at. Can you zoom in any?
  2. Marlon

    Anyone keep giant bananas?

    If I recall, its the females that are larger , the males appear to be normal sized. I thought the same thing when I started with them. My small colony I started around 6 months ago, I regularly think they are all dead, then they keep showing up. Not a comfort roach. At least not yet. Several times had a spastic one hyperspeed out of the jar, jump into a lid, run up my arm, jump again, catch it, lose again, @#$$%, catch, and throw back in , whew! stressful.
  3. Marlon

    Forum Downtime

    Hi Peter, Another website I am active on has a few selective admins to help out and ; just a thought just in case you are out of range, or find yourself on a whim to a cruise to Bangladesh or similar, maybe. It also has fund drives each year to gather the $200 or whatever it is to keep the site going. Don't want to lose the good thing you've got going. Marlon
  4. Marlon

    What’s new in the invert world?

    I got a local Colorado darkling beetle to breed recently, not identified yet but a little bigger than mealworms. Still, rather boring except the one time the ants invaded. Hope they are ok. The Goliathus species AAA is talking about look interesting. I have seen darkling beetles eat live pray once. Most exciting for me right now is I just started breeding grasshoppers, Melanoplus bivittatus. I have lots of eggs now. Gotta figure out what is next. Still, most of the day they just sit there looking stoned, then once in a while a male starts twitching and following a female around. Breeding may take 10 hours... taking that long its not exciting. Also trying black soldier flies. Love watching them eat, I let them loose in a room in the house, they like landing on people, and some managed to get outside. But no mating yet despite my attempts to create a romantic ambiance. I kept a giant water bug in the past, that was interesting. It killed everything in the aquarium. Frogs, fish... everything. Have to watch your fingers. Ants are seldom boring. They are always doing something. Or if you get really daring, try raising paper wasps in captivity.
  5. Marlon

    What kind of roach is this?

    This is just a guess, but I'd venture to say species 53... ? or maybe Eurycotis floridana. But something keeps telling me it is probably species 53.
  6. Redmont were you ever able to import katydids or grasshoppers? The process seems full of red tape.
  7. Marlon

    Surinam roaches

    Surinams for months, just a little substrate and dump in whatever food you want. They ate almost everything. But I kept them in a very small enclosure and it went from damp to wet, and I started losing them. Basically keep in semi-damp substrate, not wet, and no more than 50% roaches to substrate should be ok. I moved them when the substrate had turned to mud and I had lost 30%. Moved to a huge container... the gnats invaded. Last check I couldn't find any so I might be looking for more soon. Can't let gnats out... hate those things. Actually I probably still have them in there somewhere... they seemed very resilient. Loved how they ate everything and didn't want to escape.
  8. Marlon

    New here!

    welcome... I've not had a problem with a few darkling larvae with the dubia, I've not thought of isopods. Isopods may be a good idea with the centurions that don't always finish the food? And the banana roaches? Those are the two that never seem to finish. Is that the idea?
  9. I think it was a few here and there, hanging out wherever they could get something to drink. if you think about it... condensation in the bathroom after a hot shower or splashes near the dog's water bowl are probably enough.
  10. Marlon

    I’m back!

    Welcome back! and Congrats! Woulda thought old Marcus would at least wait until they were teenagers ...
  11. Marlon

    Madagascar hissers have babies!

    Oh boy. Now you're in for it. Get ready for all the crying, the diaper changes, all the late night feedings, and just wait until they figure out how to get out of their crib! Congrats on your new handful!
  12. Hahah! Should try that out sometime. "For auction, 8 week old schnauzer feeder puppies" I did get temporarily suspected for not following their rules, but I managed to get away with it for a while before they cracked down on me. In my defense I thought the rule was rather open to interpretation... a knock off monopoly board game I don't see promoting violence as they claimed.
  13. Marlon

    Cheap Egg Crates

    I buy a 5-dozen box of eggs at Walmart once a month. A friend has a restaurant connection to get his free.
  14. That is in fact commonly touted as a black tiger hisser what he's trying to sell there. I have some, not from him, but another breeder. Love em. http://limberlostexotics.com/tiger-hisser-gromphadorhina-grandidieri-black/ His ebay feedback is pretty good. 99.7 positive with over 1000 reviews aint shabby at all.
  15. I have a friend that had some escape and it took him 2 years to get his house free of them. And it's pretty dry here in Colorado. I can for sure see them surviving in a bathroom or kitchen. So far I had several escape but I managed to capture them immediately afterwards. So glad they can't climb. I just started with these too. No substrate, just water crystals and dry feed always available and feed fresh food once or twice a week. First batch of ooths didn't hatch, I tried misting but no luck. I stopped misting, now I have some babies. Do the ooths need to stay dry but humid or... ?