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  1. I think it was a few here and there, hanging out wherever they could get something to drink. if you think about it... condensation in the bathroom after a hot shower or splashes near the dog's water bowl are probably enough.
  2. Marlon

    I’m back!

    Welcome back! and Congrats! Woulda thought old Marcus would at least wait until they were teenagers ...
  3. Marlon

    Madagascar hissers have babies!

    Oh boy. Now you're in for it. Get ready for all the crying, the diaper changes, all the late night feedings, and just wait until they figure out how to get out of their crib! Congrats on your new handful!
  4. Hahah! Should try that out sometime. "For auction, 8 week old schnauzer feeder puppies" I did get temporarily suspected for not following their rules, but I managed to get away with it for a while before they cracked down on me. In my defense I thought the rule was rather open to interpretation... a knock off monopoly board game I don't see promoting violence as they claimed.
  5. Marlon

    Cheap Egg Crates

    I buy a 5-dozen box of eggs at Walmart once a month. A friend has a restaurant connection to get his free.
  6. That is in fact commonly touted as a black tiger hisser what he's trying to sell there. I have some, not from him, but another breeder. Love em. http://limberlostexotics.com/tiger-hisser-gromphadorhina-grandidieri-black/ His ebay feedback is pretty good. 99.7 positive with over 1000 reviews aint shabby at all.
  7. I have a friend that had some escape and it took him 2 years to get his house free of them. And it's pretty dry here in Colorado. I can for sure see them surviving in a bathroom or kitchen. So far I had several escape but I managed to capture them immediately afterwards. So glad they can't climb. I just started with these too. No substrate, just water crystals and dry feed always available and feed fresh food once or twice a week. First batch of ooths didn't hatch, I tried misting but no luck. I stopped misting, now I have some babies. Do the ooths need to stay dry but humid or... ?
  8. Friend feeds his tegu with them. Tegu and cat might not get along. Pacu (common fish in pet stores) eats anything. Including raw chicken including bones. They were fun until they destroyed the filtration / aeration system in their tank and died.
  9. I kept mine in a clear jar for a long time, vent cut / glued on the screw-on lid. They do seem to appreciate the space now that they are out of the jar.
  10. Marlon


    I clean dubias once a year, keep it dry. On a heat pad most of the time keeps it dry. No substrate. Put food on a disposable plate (piece of plastic, a lid, whatever) in case it goes bad. I keep one superworm in right now to cleanup what I miss.
  11. For the record, the powdered pig chow (plus water crystals) is working out great for the babies. The adults just nibble and prefer lower protein food from what I can tell. So for the colony I am doing that plus a wide variety of table scraps and fresh veggies and old mushrooms. I've been noticing species specific preferences, for instance, the flat horned hissers don't seem to like seaweed+sesame oil, while red runners fight over it. I set up a time lapse cam on the red runners to see what food they prefer and the results were interesting. I just want to come up with an appropriate arthropod / home mini-ranch hobby youtube name and I'll start uploading bug vids.
  12. Marlon

    Hisser health

  13. Marlon

    roach racks

    I had missed this post, glad you brought it up. I party with my bugs too, but just the black soldier fly larvae and superworms I share beer with. Now that I know the roaches are down, I might buy them a round too. That's a nice link for shelving parts. I got similar full shelves on ebay for a great price and some heavy duty shelves on Craigslist. I use them for "giant rabbit" cages. The roaches are on on pegboard wooden shelves (so very adjustable) with harbor freight foam anti-fatigue mats down first for nice looking insulation, then a waterproof heating pad, so less heat is lost to the bottom of the mat or dissipated into the shelf. You could do similar with the wire shelves with an insulative bottom, perhaps some kind of foam or wooden board. I'm almost done with my closet setup and I'll post pics soon. For the hissers and dubias who I worry less about escapes (except babies), I prefer the side vents. That lets me stack them if I need to when moving them around and keeps the heat in better. For others that want substrate, I like the top vent. Turkestan, I feel safer with a top vent.
  14. Marlon

    Worms came out of dead roach?

    I had that with a millipede too. I was wandering the jungle trails in Malaysia late one night and found a huge beautiful millipede on the trail. Forget which species. It only lived a day before worms started crawling out of it. I guess it was on the trail because it felt sick. That memory still disturbs me. Eaten alive...
  15. Marlon

    Goodbye for now...

    Yah man, no doubt. When things are good we can afford some extra indulgences in hobbies, when things go south I kind of wonder what the heck I am doing. I think a lot has to do with dopamine. When you hit crisis time, the dopamine reward for something that was interesting, like a few new species, just doesn't show up (or not enough to make a dent in the void of dopamine that the crisis presents). Its not priority anyway, unless it happens to be your job. You're good at the hobby, have taught many others so that's and awesome experience. You can leave completely and come back later and I'm sure everyone will get you restarted with what ever you want C ya around bro! #RoachThugs4Life